STEEMIT OPENMIC WEEK 68 - Original Song - Agent

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My Original Song - Agent


I was working till my hands went numb
Can’t feel a finger or thumb
And it’s not okay
Cus I ain’t been paid this week

Right now I’m struggling
My mind’s constantly muddling
It’s puzzling
But at least I can leave now

And I don’t know where I be next
Wherever it is I’d rather stay in bed
Working all day for next to no pay
It’s really hurting my head

Cus I’m an agent
But I’m not undercover
The rain’s hitting me
I don’t Wanna go another day

I’m an agent
Just like the others
The agency is paying me to stay
Another day

(Alarm clock sound) it’s time for work
Don’t want to go
Cus my hands still hurt
I’m going to stay at home today

Guess I’m not out on the weekend
I’m broke and
It’s the only time I get to see friends
But find a way

(Chorus) x 2

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Thanks for listening


Not the first time you uploaded a potential hit ;)
Have to resteem it.

That’s awesome man!!! Do you plan in any local bars or anything to get your name out?

Thanks, I play some gigs in Moseley, Wolverhampton, Tamworth.

You're good dude

Cheers buddy

Great song !!!, I love the timing !!

Thanks very much

the lyrics are wonderful

Cheers buddy.

really awesome voice and pocket, man. thanks for sharing!

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Another great piece from you brother. I am now a fan officially. Keep it coming man.

Cheers Buddy.

I have a new tag for music lovers: Boombox, where I resteem up 2 five tunes a day!! Don't miss out.

Cheers buddy

Love it. You rock Brandon

Thanks Kate . You rock too.