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RE: Operation: We are The Open Mic

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Okay, I'm not an open mic competitor, but I do see many in my community that do via my curating at @classical-radio. I am going to write a short post to donate 100% of liquid SBD to @openmic. I guess this gives me a chance to try out SteemPlus at the same time. Might make my curating efforts much easier...

Hmmm, after reading the description and comments it appears that the beneficiary gets the payout in SP, which might not be of use for the prize pool?

I think I will write this one in normal Steemit, and transfer over the SBD at payout. I've done this before for teamaustralia.


Thank you bengy, you are very kind... any bit helps us, like luzcypher has said, we don't plan on stopping anytime time.

No worries, unfortunately it will be a comparitively small contribution, but if enough of us can do a little bit, then it will be worth something!

and that's just it... if enough of us do it, it won't be small... that is exactly it.

I just installed SteemPlus on one of my computers, it does make the Steem experience a good deal better! Thanks for introducing me to it!

oh man... its super ninja!

I'm assuming the dev is trusted? It really adds a lot of functionality, but I'm always wary...

100% @stookdev is a respected witness and there are a couple of top 20 witnesses behind the project as well. No need to worry.

Perhaps you misspelled the dev name? It's not coming up.

NVM, I found the name

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