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What a fantastic achievement by the openmic team. 100 Weeks of Sheer GLORY. I think its time to celebrate with a song. I wrote it last night and its got an element of lamentation to it because its ALSO my 1 year anniversary on steemit and Im sad that I*m not around more to take part in the ongoing revolution......
IT was so inspiring to see @steevc and @cabelindsay still rocking the original songs, I felt I HAD to make something happen and get involved. i also wanted it to be a celebration of our hallowed leader, @luzcypher who has kept this boat afloat for so long, through thick and thin. Massive love to you all. Heres the song:

Still yours for the cause ;)


Nice! Following

oh man, I need a gold shirt like that

Just beautiful! :) As Steev said... Steemit needs more basil seasoning. :)
Hope you will find a way to sing at least once a month. :)

theres just GOT to be a way! thanks for the complimentation :D x

Perfect Basilize! Nice!

thankyou Brian. Is that pronounced Basil-eeze, or basil-eyes? Either way, its a new one, and I like it!

Ooops! It’s basil- eeeze! One uses basileze to brighten things up... one can say he just pulled a Basil using basileze to put on a happy face on it!

Right on Basil great to see ya again... wonderful song and delivery ;9)

thanks gibber! liking your sun icon!

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great seeing you are alive still on here. i was thinking about you the other day and here you are. are you attending SteemFest?

still alive.......beleaguered but still living. Doubtful about love to, but i think im a bit overloaded this year :(

Awesome work with this man. This is hilarious. did you say you’d save a lot more bees?

yes I did! I would definitely allocate at least 15% of my clone army to saving the bees.....possibly even more, but its tough, because theres so many things Id like to do, like watch EVERY film ever made and building a giant mausoleum out of rusty wheelbarrows

Basil! Good to hear from you again. We missed you. Please don't keep up waiting so long.


Want to go to SteemFest this year?

Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic --- by @luzcypher

always a pleasure Luzy. Its a great comfort to me that its still running! You are a bastion of hope x

It's so nice to hear your voice again @basilmarples:D

I have also missed a bunch of open mics...

ahh thanks ferg. yeah, well, we cant all be on it, car bonnet, all the time. life has other ideas. Good to see you bro x

Always glad to have you around! Your music always have that Monty Pythonesque quality! Mad love to you bro!

thanks vache. I am a huge fan of the pythons so that is music to my ears :) :) big loaf bakATcha x

So awesome, Basil!
Missed you, brother...
You always bring a smile - :-)

thanks PG :) I miss all you guys as well, believe me! Just trying to remind you all that Im not GONE forever! :D

so awesome to see you rocking again my brother!

dude. They CANT keep me away forever! I have supressed weirdness that has to find a way out somehow..... Its just great to have a place where it can be appreciated :) How are you my friend? Its been aaaages

Yeah, brother, welcome back! So good to see your sideways face. And your hilarity. Really beautiful of you to drop our names into your song, man. Thank you. Makes me tear-up, appreciating you so much. 😂

You have that 'off hand' quality of genius. Bravo!

So glad we all had the pleasure to hear and see you perform once again
Thanks for your patience @basilmarples. I finally wrote you a review for your entry last week.

<3 The Crypto Dreamm!

Wow, how could I have I have missed this???
Another one for your album ;)

mmm, yes perhaps, although Im not sure it would be very well understood outside of the Steemiverse! But seeing as you've mentioned it, you can be the first Steemian to know that I am planning to record my album this spring! (hopefully!) I think it might be made up of more serious songs as I have more of them....but you never know :)

Waaaaa? That’s fantastic news!! Yes this one wouldn’t quite fit but maybe you can make a bonus compilation of Steemit songs - you know in a Promo-Steem kind of way! So all your listeners will want to see your open mic origins and come here... and maybe stay here ;)
I can’t wait for the album!!

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