Steemit Open Mic Week 121 / Both (Cover of Los Dos)

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Hello everyone and welcome to my official entry for this week's Open Mic contest! This time I will participate with the beautiful song "The Two" (Los Dos), composed by Simón Lan, and popularized by the Trio Los Panchos in 1949.

The history of this bolero is very interesting, since the author was a musician, and that same year in which this success was recorded, he composed it for a beautiful lady who had stolen his heart. Her name was Socorro, in the end she became his wife until 2008 when it ceased to exist on this plane. They were married for more than 50 years.

One night in 1949 at the Hotel Inglaterra in Tampico, a ballroom dance was performed by the singer Antonio Badú. Simon met previously with his colleague and asked him to sing this piece and dedicate it to Socorrito in full party. So it was. The musician paused during his performance and in front of everyone sang and dedicated "The Two" (Los Dos), to Socorro, in addition to asking him to be his girlfriend.


"Los Dos"

I will follow you
until the end of this world
I will follow you
with this deep love
only to you I will give the heart
my love and my faith
and for nothing and nobody in the world
I will forget you
I will give you
of my life the longing
and you will be that beacon of light
honeymoon for the two
you will always be my love
and in a dream we will live the two

That same year, "The Two" (Los Dos), became one of the most successful songs of that time to be recorded by the famous Trio Los Panchos, a group that was at the peak of fame and musical style of the moment.

I have humbly recorded this code for you with a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, which was edited with the applications Vimady 2018 and PhotoDirector 2018. Thanks to all the users who have followed my work through steemit and I hope to continue counting on all of them for future publications . Until next time!

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