Steemit Openmic 65 Cover...The Beatles, And I Love Her.

in openmic •  last year 

Merry Christmas! And this one is for my very bestest Steemit friend @diabolika! A true gem:)
Hopefully, I'm not so pitchy that she can't sing along (or cause Feliz to howl) with me and hopefully I've left room for her to jam along with her new ukelele.
I did neglect to mention​ the contest in my intro and would understand if it voids this entry.
Next week I'll post one with all the names of Steemians that I've enjoyed reading.

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you are one of the most entertaining to watch my friend, great cover thanks for performing for us each week... great stuff


That's kind of you to say, soundlegion...I very much appreciate the steemit openmic platform.
Best wishes in 2018 to you:)

Nice rendition, brother! Reminds of an entry I rendered a few months ago for week #51 - I'm thinking you of all people would appreciate the production so I hope you don't mind me dropping it here to share with you... Happy New Year, my friend... Cheers!


Thanks! And as you know not exactly easy and quite time-consuming. I didn't get the privilege​ of having a pro vocalist bro either! So I've had to work with this unwieldy monster called my voice​:D
I hope Santa was good to you!

Please remember to say the words Steemit Open Mic Week number 65 at the start of your video. Thank you.




You bet! All apologies:)




Awwwww beautiful rendition! Thank you very much! 😊 I hope this qualifies for steemit openmic entry. You are amazing as always. Merry Xmas!

I'm gonna try jam with my uke, I haven't been playing lately.


Get to work! hehehe...I dropped the key by a whole tone from the original E-major...D-major now starting on Eminor...The key change in the solo goes up a half-step​...That chord becomes F-minor...


Gosh ok I will try to study it, thanks!