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This post is a back-story about me and a cover of Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart for OPEN MIC 44. I love her! And I love her song catalog, and this song is one of my favorites!

If you would like to skip the backstory, I start singing around the 13:25 mark.

Please excuse the dry-throat, choked up cracking toward the end of the song!

bad.jpg LOL!

I'm still having a little trouble with my vocals for the reasons I talk about in the back-story. The good news is that I am now back in vocal training, so follow me so you don't miss the transformation! (Don't yall laugh at me!)


Give what you got, even though it may not be the best yet, rather than not giving at all.

To vote for me in the Open Mic contest for this week you must do so at this link: Vote Amarie Open Mic 44. To do so, search for @Amarie in the comments and upvote my comment.

Thank you for visiting my vlog. You are very much appreciated! smilefemale.jpg

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Thanks for listening!

Thank you for singing for us and welcome to Steemit Open Mic.


Hi @luzcypher thanks! I've been wanting to do it but I was apprehensive because I know my vocal is not as tight as it used to be, but I'm working on it again! It was fun. I'm glad I went ahead and did it, cracks and all. LOL!

I haven't heard this song in so long. You are lovely and sang it beautifully. :-)


Hi Isaria. Thanks a lot.

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Very nice amarie! <3



Thank you iamnotageek! Thanks for visiting.


Hi @aaronmda, thanks! Funny pic. LOL!

you have beautiful voice!