STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 70 - Original song 'Dear Brother' by @aellaa

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

Hi, this is my first entry to the open mic week, I hope I´m not too late..


Dear brother, how could you do this to me
Why suffer, I thought we´re one family
I wonder what you´re doing when you´re on your own
Come on I wanna help you to get down from your throne

Hey I just wanna say
That I´m here for you
In every kind of way

I lend you a helping hand, feel the love
Just grab it and learn to stand
Watch the signs from above

Hey I just wanna say
That I´m here for you
In every kind of way
Hey I just wanna say
That I´m here for you
No matter if it´s night or day

Here´s my youtube link:


Beautiful composition and performance, @aellaa!

thanks a lot @passion-ground ! I always thought that my songs are too boring.. but as it seems they are not.

Really nice, what a performance! Beautiful! What a talent woman! This is the purpose of music, get in to hearts.

I take the advantage of invite you to see my last post in here. Hoping that enjoy it I say good bye. Regards from Venezuela, a big hug to you.

Hey @manurodriguez, it´s wonderful to hear because that´s really what I intend.
I also listened to your song, your voices fit perfectly together! Looking forward to hear a full song;)

hey! I love your voice, so powerful!! And interesting harmony. Maybe next time you can write down the lyrics! Good luck!

Hi @matisotoaguilar! I blush😊 I feel honored to get a compliment from such a talented woman like you are! I went through your songs and I got goosebumps.. thanks a lot again!
Lyrics are written down now.

Nice, beautiful is a strange and powerful thing. All the best!

Beautiful! You sound really nice! :)

You too;) Really!! Thanks!

I'm glad you like it, thank you very much @kistarianth!!

Beautiful song. Hope to hear more from you. Please get your entry in earlier next time.

Thanks a lot @luzcypher!! Today I will upload my song, I hope you will like it too

I can totally imagine myself performing this song. lovelym Thank you.

Maybe there will be a playback someday?! You will be the first I tell:) Thanks!

Thank you. That would be an honour. Feel free to watch my first video cover on dtube. I will be sharing more videos.

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it's amazing singer
I like it
please upvote me