Open Letters Challenge||An Open Letter to the Man who Abused Me..

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The bitter memories of ones life may fade aways with time, one may forget but when clicks mind suddenly whatever time passed out it brokes something inside.

You were working on our house as a cook. And you near of my father age.When I came to this house of my in laws I found here is rule they hire cook for daily kitchen chores.

It was great help for me as a homemaker being helped in daily cooking. Besides, I can continue my studies. I was used to order you cook this for me, cook that for me for me or for my kids.

You were really helping. You used to share stories about your family, I even sometimes I do have chats with you about my ups and downs of life. Even you were so old cook that in my family you know them all for years.

You always used to happily talk with my kids, and all were good going. Then why you did this? Why you left on my mind only hatrens by your abusive attempt?

It was the month of Ramadan, the most holy month for muslim people, they used to fast in this month. That morning my husband when goes office mistakenly left my rooms door open and I was sleeping with my kids. You came touched me put your mouth near mine suddenly I woke up and screamingly through off you back and you ran away, I was so scared and ran to my father in law he charged you and you agreed your sin. You said to leave the city, and go back to your village you gone that day.

Many of nights after that incident I cant sleep. I was totally shattered questioning my self what happened? why happened? In religion Islam no rules to talk unnecessarily with man except closed family members. It is said to remain in hijab for a woman to protect herself from evil eyes and so that other guy not tempted seeing her. Well, in my house how much should I cover me? Was there my fault to talk with you that friendly?

You daringly come back after several months now working near at my home. Whenever mistakenly came in front I said myself, Oh my Lord! please give whatever punishment but not this to see him. It is like some one putting me in hell.

Whenever this memory recalls I cant help myself but to hate you from the core of my heart.

The girl whom you attempt to abuse

(Challenge Guidelines;)

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Looking forward :) Happy Writing Everyone


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Great job @sherbanu! I'm sorry to see it is based on a real story. And I'm sorry to see the woman has even a doubt that this might be her fault.

I imagine that such an incident in ones home would make someone feel vulnerable and unable to sleep. Your description captures that perfectly. Whoever she is, I'll be sending healing thoughts.


She might feel for what reason may her Lord give penalty that not to obey her Lords command, or it was an exam for her to learn lesson....

Healing thoughts conveyed....

So nice post
Life is full of learning,,,,


Yes it is also full of horrible experiences sometimes

Really it's so hard to experience this type of horrible incident. Well written blog! 👍


Thank you

Very Emotional. I don't know with whom this happens but i suggest you to don't try to flashback if this hurts you and break you from inside.

Just remember good memories in your life and keep walking toward future. You must be Brave.


I wishb if there were any option to delete bad memories from past!!!


We can't delete bad memories like we can't delete good memories. We just need to control our mind.

Nice write up....resteemed


thank you

I cannot imagine that such an awful thing can happen in someone's home, if you cannot feel safe at home then it would be much worse in the real world.
However, like @ntowl said, may healing thoughts be yours from this side as well.

Women are naturally strong, it's a God given gift so hold on to your strength.

I can tell you wrote this from your heart and for that I am grateful. Catchu in the writing class :)



Well said @elsiekjay that women are naturally strong! and emotional too. Its up to us living strongly or remain sunk on emotions!