Open Letters Challenge||An Open Letter to the Man who Abused Me..

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It started just like every other relationship, meeting you was great, you were a charmer, you were a dream come true, too good to be true, sweet goodnight messages and lovely morning messages.
You used to be caring and affectionate, although you know I love exploring with my friends, you always want me beside you.
As month goes by I thought you because protective of me, you never wanted any other guy around me except you, I shouldn't look at any other guy, I shouldn't talk to any other guy, I shouldn't smile back at them, I shouldn't hug guys who used to be my friends.
Next were my female friends you don't want them around me too. You keep watch of my social medias, who my friends are who i follow. You even have my passwords. How pathetic of you. You were jealous of me spend time with others, even my family.
Little arguments you call me names, you accuse me of cheating on you, you wanted things done your ways.
You gradually took control of my life, you dictate were I go to, who I spent time with which is either you or your friends which you forced me to accept, I had no say.
I remember having a sleepover with my friends at Joyce house, you were mad at me, you called me ugly and worthless, for the first time you slapped me, threw me on the floor and gave me several punches. You later apologized saying it won't happen again, that it was all my fault, that was how I became you punching bag.
Your violent abuse intensify, won't dare talk back at you else I would end up with a black eye, I do everything to please you but It was not enough for you, you made me feel I was not enough for you. You made me cry, you made me sad.
The last straw you pulled was when you beat me up and broke broke my arm all because you saw me talking to a guy. That was when I knew I couldn't take it any more.
Am fed up with the beating, am fed up with your abusive words,am fed up with the bruises, am fed up with being scared of guys, am fed up with being terrified when am yelled at,am done with you the one person I loved who became a monster.
Am done with you, I finally got the courage to say it over between us.

A better me.

(Challenge Guidelines;)

This is a platform for you to get your creative juices flowing, it doesn't have to be based on a true story, you can creatively put yourself if the shoes of the circumstance as a writer, so feel free to think away.

Write from your heart.

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Lastly, @elsiekjay will be giving an open letter to write about every #Sunday& anyone willing to participate should post by Friday to allow ample time for feedbackfeedback.

My first tag goes to this amazing writer @usijayofficial

Happy writing.


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Nice writing i love it


Thanks and glad you love it

Saying I'm short of words would be an understatement.
I am actually elated & inspired at the same time. I love it!
This is almost like every other girls experience, it gets to a point where you just call it quits, know what you are worth and what you cant stand for!

We should know better than to settle for someone who makes us question our value. No one should ever be able to have that kind of power over you. But the sad thing about these kind of people? They never come as evil. They would come as someone really sweet and caring. They tend to show interest in everything that you do. Funny how one can be so interested and yet not really invested.

Well done girl!! Love Love!


@elsiekjay, thanks for giving me the opportunity in the open letter challenge


Anytime honey! Keep your ink flowing.


I will!

You are a great writer. I hope you know that you are beautiful and deserve much better now.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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love to you...... you are NOT alone, I have pictures of where my wrist was dislocated from a bag being ripped outta my hand so hard, if it wasn't for neighbors giving testimonies of SEEING me abused , the system is rather blase' about things until it gets realllly bad. Getting out is hard, the scars last forever, the is a special place in Hell for these types imho. Usually they have a loooong history of this stuff, peace


Thanks @battleaxe, it was actually fiction, but I know a lot of people guys and girls are enduring one abuse or the other, and most times the system seems to be blinded towards these abuses.

I read in another comment this was fiction. You did an excellent job writing it as if you had lived it (which I'm glad you didn't).

I appreciate the flow from innocent feelings and the escalation to irrational behavior to your character's realization they deserved better. Great job!


Thanks @ntowl, something we just have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and feel what they felt while being abused. Am glad you liked it.