Lendingrates BitShares will probably rise after 1 september at Poloniex

in #openledger5 years ago

During 14 days because of the PeerPlays sharedropping on Openledger.

We will see a lot of BTS transfers from Poloniex to Openledger coming week


PeerPlays sharedropping on Bitshares.
Openledger is third party exchange using Bitshares blockchain. They are issuing blockchain tokens (for example: http://cryptofresh.com/a/OPEN.BTC ) as a cover of deposited funds. From then on everything is processed by blockchain.
Also there is no need and possibility to transfer BTS from poloniex-wallet to openledger-wallet - you're basically sending those to self-owned account.

You have to send your Bts to your open ledger account on freedom ledger exchange to get the peerplays share drop. You won't get it if you leave your Bts on Poloniex.

That's indeed the point i like to make. So if every BTS holder this do; Poloniex is short of BTS to lend; so the price of BTS will go up because there is a lack of short sellers