OpenLedger/DEX vs centralized exchanges, liquidity and its future

in openledger •  2 years ago

Perhaps I am touching a fragile area by starting a thread about OpenLedger and DEX but if it had a reasonable liquidity I find it really superior to centralized exchanges.

I played with the technology for a while and actually finally started to properly understand where does steem(it), peerplays etc. come from.

I discovered there are a lot of haters around bitshares in bitcointalk. I personally am out of that discussion as I have never had any contact and/or investment with BitShares and I am not related with any of its affiliates.

Why the DEX is so far unpopular? Is this about low liquidity, its past, dev team or just lack of a proper marketing? Taking into account its features this should be the exchange to choose and the technology should go viral.

Unless there is a catch about it that I did not discover yet.

A few links:

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Thanks! This confirms my opinion!

No catch at all, it's just a complete mistery why BTS market cap is not around hundreds of thousands $.

The tech is way ahead its time and new features are worked on as we speak.

I just don't get it.