OpenBSD, Tor, 14 applications example. PART 1

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Fourteen application, the first three are browsers

First of all sorry for the delay, but i was busy with real life and i cannot go on with our series.
Let's start to analyze every step necessary to configure use of the TCP/IP socks sockets that we opened in our last article.


Firefox tor sockv5 configuration

Like we can see in the image:

  1. open about:preferences#advanced
  2. click on network tab
  3. click on Settings
  4. check Manual proxy configuration
  5. write on SOCKS Hostthe local ip and Port 9900
  6. write on No proxy for localhost,,,, that are privates network as RFC1918.


As default chromium has no simple option to set a proxy server different from the system wide proxy. But we've done a little hack.

$ which chrome
$ file /usr/local/bin/chrome
/usr/local/bin/chrome: Bourne shell script text executable

So here we can appreciate that chrome in our OpenBSD workstation is not an executable but is a shell script, here is a cat:

·$ cat /usr/local/bin/chrome
# $OpenBSD: chrome,v 1.14 2016/06/02 21:03:38 sthen Exp $


xm_log() {
        echo -n "[email protected]\nDo you want to run Chromium anyway?\n\
(If you don't increase these limits, Chromium might fail to work properly.)" | \
                /usr/X11R6/bin/xmessage -file - -center -buttons yes:0,no:1 -default no

if [ $(ulimit -Sd) -lt ${DATASIZE} ]; then
        ulimit -Sd ${DATASIZE} || \
                xm_log "Cannot increase datasize-cur to at least ${DATASIZE}"
                [ $? -eq 0 ] || exit

if [ $(ulimit -Sn) -lt ${OPENFILES} ]; then
        ulimit -Sn ${OPENFILES} || \
                xm_log "Cannot increase openfiles-cur to at least ${OPENFILES}"
                [ $? -eq 0 ] || exit

if ! mount | grep `df -h /usr/local | tail -1 | awk '{print $6}'` | 
        grep -q wxallowed; then 
        echo "Filesystem containing /usr/local must have the 'wxallowed' flag" | 
            /usr/X11R6/bin/xmessage -file - -center -buttons exit:0 -default exit

# Temporary workaround for the case when chromium crashes and leaves
# the SingletonLock, which prevents chromium to start up.
if [ -h ${HOME}/.config/chromium/SingletonLock ]; then
        _pid=`readlink ${HOME}/.config/chromium/SingletonLock | cut -d '-' -f 2`
        kill -0 ${_pid} 2>/dev/null
        if [ $? -gt 0 ]; then
                rm ${HOME}/.config/chromium/SingletonLock

# Issue #395446
[ -z ${LANG} ] && _l=en_US.UTF-8 || _l=${LANG}

LANG=${_l} exec "/usr/local/chrome/chrome" "${@}" "--proxy-server="socks5://""

How you can see int last line of the script there is the real execof the binary that in OpenBSD is located in /usr/local/chrome/chrome .
Simply concat in the same line of the var LANG the string "--proxy-server="socks5://"and close the sentence with a "that we've previously remove from the old sentence (the last one that you will find doing a cat). You can appreciate that for chromewe use socksv5 port 9901.

Tor browser

Tor browser is an open source fork of Firefox. It's maintained by the torproject folks. You can find the binaries here in github. But remember that we're using OpenBSD and the Tor browser bundle is available in the ports tree. To download the binary for OpenBSD do:

$ doas pkg_add -U tor-browser

But tor-browserhave got a tor daemon included that control via the tor button that we can launch via the onion icon on the left of the navigation bar. The first time that we execute this browser simply accept the default settings waiting to connecton the window that appear. But next:

Tor browser onion button first window

This is the first subwindow if we click on the onion button. Let's assume that we will use tor browserwith the most deep navigation in the web. So click on security settings and:

Tor browser security settings

Use the High position to garantized the best shields for this new adventure .
Next return to the previous window and click on Tor network settings

Tor browser network settings

  1. Check This computer need to use a local proxy to access the Internet
  2. Select for Proxy Typethe option SOCKS 5
  3. Write in Address and in Port 9902

Now...there's some post on the web that does not recommend concatenate Tor over Tor, like this; but there is no exact explication so i really don't think so.

Remember that we have banned ALL the fourteens eyes country in our last configuration. I quoted the explication from :

The UKUSA Agreement is an agreement between the United Kingdom, United
States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand to cooperatively collect,
analyze, and share intelligence. Members of this group, known as the
Five Eyes, focus on gathering and analyzing intelligence from
different parts of the world. While Five Eyes countries have agreed to
not spy on each other as adversaries, leaks by Snowden have revealed
that some Five Eyes members monitor each other’s citizens and share
intelligence to avoid breaking domestic laws that prohibit them from
spying on their own citizens. The Five Eyes alliance also cooperates
with groups of third party countries to share intelligence (forming
the Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes), however Five Eyes and third party
countries can and do spy on each other.

In the configuration of the tor daemonthat came with tor browserwe force tor to use the countries of the nine eyes group that will be the first three hops of ours jumps in the tor network. Doing so we will use six hops to navigate the internet.
This are the files shipped with tor launcher (a subpaquet of tor browser):

$ pkg_info -L tor-launcher
Information for inst:tor-launcher-

/usr/local/lib/tor-browser-7.0.5/browser/extensions/[email protected]

Open torrc-defaults with your favorite text editor and add:

ExcludeNodes {AD},{AE},{AF},{AG},{AI},{AL},{AM},{AO},{AQ},{AR},{AS},{AT},{AU},{AW},{AX},{AZ},{BA},{BB},{BD},{BE},{BF},{BG},{BH},{BI},{BJ},{BL},{BM},{BN},{BO},{BQ},{BR},{BS},{BT},{BV},{BW},{BY},{BZ},{CA},{CC},{CD},{CF},{CG},{CH},{CI},{CK},{CL},{CM},{CN},{CO},{CR},{CU},{CV},{CW},{CX},{CY},{CZ},{DE},{DJ},{DM},{DO},{DZ},{EC},{EE},{EG},{EH},{ER},{ES},{ET},{FI},{FJ},{FK},{FM},{FO},{GA},{GB},{GD},{GE},{GF},{GG},{GH},{GI},{GL},{GM},{GN},{GP},{GQ},{GR},{GS},{GT},{GU},{GW},{GY},{HK},{HM},{HN},{HR},{HT},{HU},{ID},{IE},{IL},{IM},{IN},{IO},{IQ},{IR},{IS},{IT},{JE},{JM},{JO},{JP},{KE},{KG},{KH},{KI},{KM},{KN},{KP},{KR},{KW},{KY},{KZ},{LA},{LB},{LC},{LI},{LK},{LR},{LS},{LT},{LU},{LV},{LY},{MA},{MC},{MD},{ME},{MF},{MG},{MH},{MK},{ML},{MM},{MN},{MO},{MP},{MQ},{MR},{MS},{MT},{MU},{MV},{MW},{MX},{MY},{MZ},{NA},{NC},{NE},{NF},{NG},{NI},{NP},{NR},{NU},{NZ},{OM},{PA},{PE},{PF},{PG},{PH},{PK},{PL},{PM},{PN},{PR},{PS},{PT},{PW},{PY},{QA},{RE},{RO},{RS},{RU},{RW},{SA},{SB},{SC},{SD},{SE},{SG},{SH},{SI},{SJ},{SK},{SL},{SM},{SN},{SO},{SR},{SS},{ST},{SV},{SX},{SY},{SZ},{TC},{TD},{TF},{TG},{TH},{TJ},{TK},{TL},{TM},{TN},{TO},{TR},{TT},{TV},{TW},{TZ},{UA},{UG},{UM},{US},{UY},{UZ},{VA},{VC},{VE},{VG},{VI},{VN},{VU},{WF},{WS},{YE},{YT},{ZA},{ZM},{ZW}
NodeFamily {AD},{AE},{AF},{AG},{AI},{AL},{AM},{AO},{AQ},{AR},{AS},{AT},{AU},{AW},{AX},{AZ},{BA},{BB},{BD},{BE},{BF},{BG},{BH},{BI},{BJ},{BL},{BM},{BN},{BO},{BQ},{BR},{BS},{BT},{BV},{BW},{BY},{BZ},{CA},{CC},{CD},{CF},{CG},{CH},{CI},{CK},{CL},{CM},{CN},{CO},{CR},{CU},{CV},{CW},{CX},{CY},{CZ},{DE},{DJ},{DM},{DO},{DZ},{EC},{EE},{EG},{EH},{ER},{ES},{ET},{FI},{FJ},{FK},{FM},{FO},{GA},{GB},{GD},{GE},{GF},{GG},{GH},{GI},{GL},{GM},{GN},{GP},{GQ},{GR},{GS},{GT},{GU},{GW},{GY},{HK},{HM},{HN},{HR},{HT},{HU},{ID},{IE},{IL},{IM},{IN},{IO},{IQ},{IR},{IS},{IT},{JE},{JM},{JO},{JP},{KE},{KG},{KH},{KI},{KM},{KN},{KP},{KR},{KW},{KY},{KZ},{LA},{LB},{LC},{LI},{LK},{LR},{LS},{LT},{LU},{LV},{LY},{MA},{MC},{MD},{ME},{MF},{MG},{MH},{MK},{ML},{MM},{MN},{MO},{MP},{MQ},{MR},{MS},{MT},{MU},{MV},{MW},{MX},{MY},{MZ},{NA},{NC},{NE},{NF},{NG},{NI},{NP},{NR},{NU},{NZ},{OM},{PA},{PE},{PF},{PG},{PH},{PK},{PL},{PM},{PN},{PR},{PS},{PT},{PW},{PY},{QA},{RE},{RO},{RS},{RU},{RW},{SA},{SB},{SC},{SD},{SE},{SG},{SH},{SI},{SJ},{SK},{SL},{SM},{SN},{SO},{SR},{SS},{ST},{SV},{SX},{SY},{SZ},{TC},{TD},{TF},{TG},{TH},{TJ},{TK},{TL},{TM},{TN},{TO},{TR},{TT},{TV},{TW},{TZ},{UA},{UG},{UM},{US},{UY},{UZ},{VA},{VC},{VE},{VG},{VI},{VN},{VU},{WF},{WS},{YE},{YT},{ZA},{ZM},{ZW}
StrictNodes 1
GeoIPExcludeUnknown 1

You find all the country codes ISO 3166 in this sheet

thank you