Indie Game Spotlight: Blik

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What is Blik?

Blik is a fun and interesting first person puzzle game. Here is an excerpt from their Steam page that explains the background of the game:

You are a student at one of the best educational institutions in the world! Сomplete the study program course by solving all the puzzles and passing the final test! Be smart and diligent! Become the pride of the Academy!

What I Like

So to get this spotlight going we'll first discuss the things I liked about the demo and the project:

  • Movement:
    The movement in the game is pretty solid and the slower camera movement almost feels like you're turning your head and gradually looking at what you're expecting to see. This works well in this game because it's not a twitch-based first person shooter.
  • Voice Acting:
    The voice actor that you're introduced to at the beginning of the game is entertaining and the voice sounds good and is implemented well.
  • Game Flow:
    Initially when you start the game you're introduced to the simple game-play mechanics and how you can interact with the world to complete the objective. Gradually you are introduced to more difficult challenges but they build upon the last puzzle.

What I Didn't Like

These are more nit-picky than anything but I do want to have my likes and dislikes in these spotlights.

  • Blaster Speed:
    I understand why the blaster speed is slow, you need to see where your blaster rounds are landing, BUT it does take me out of the immersion when my blaster shoots a very slow moving round. I would suggest making this blaster round move much faster but introduce a different way to see where your rounds are landing. (Not as easy done as said.)
  • Doors:
    All the doors sound identical when opening which can be slightly annoying after awhile. Also I suggest that the doors open immediately upon completing the puzzle instead of having to get close to the door to open it.
  • It's a Demo:
    I really wanted to continue unlocking the doors and figuring out the puzzles. Now the game is said to be released on Feb 6, 2018 but I wanted to keep playing!!

In Summary

I think the demo is definitely worth a play-through and worth taking a look at the full game when it's released in a few weeks! While the developer may never see this article, I do want to thank them for the work they've put into this game.




Sources and Links

  • RELEASE DATE: Feb 6, 2018
  • DEVELOPER: DimleTeam
  • PUBLISHER: DimleTeam


Reminded me of Portal. I don't have enough patience for this kind of games, but I enjoy them. I will wait for a review on the full version. Great post, thank you for sharing!

Definitely looks like it was inspired a bit by portal and feels that way to a degree when you're playing it.