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My name is Joe and I am new to Steemit. I have over 20 years experience with electronics engineering and computers. While I enjoy my work, I do a lot of hobby based projects with open source platforms like Arduino. I am an amateur radio operator and enjoy distance contacts (DX) on HF. I like to experiment with home brew wire antennas for HF.

I am located on the east coast of NC , but enjoy the mountain peaks in western NC. I like hiking and camping, and getting away from the grind.

I am a user of decentralized blockchain currency. I am happy how the price of bitcoin has went up, but I suspect the boom is related more to speculation than the utility. Do not misunderstand, as I fully support the utility of a decentralized ledger for everything from currency to contracts. With new technology there are some challenges, and it is an exciting time watching things unfold.


I like to BLOG, and make videos when I have time. I used to have a lot more content on-line and may re publish some of my prior articles including wind and solar power. I understand the issues with wind and solar and know first hand the challenges with efficiency and storage. I have designed and implemented grid tie hybrid systems that included battery backup.

What subjects do you find interesting?

-open source
-ham radio
-HF antennas
-crypto currency

I am looking to share my experience and benefit from the wisdom of others. --73 , Joe

PS: 73 means best regard on the radio.

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electricity/electronics/radio/antennas/energy =)