Resteemit Down for Maintenance

in oops •  10 months ago

Oops -- We're down.

Hey Resteemians! We're currently down for maintenance and we'll be up and running in no time.

Thank you for your patience.

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I love using your resteem service but it's okay if you're down. We Resteemians can wait :) Looking forward to resteeming again, and I hope that adorable panda is well ;)


Glad to hear it! Thank you for being patient. We're in the middle of adding a new feature to Resteemable. Every round (2.4 hours) We'll select 5 posts to be highlighted, and all proceeds will go toward buying Steem to power up the service!


Awesome! And thank you very much for resteeming our posts :)

That's a sad story, I just wanna use you now and you are down. Hoping to see you back on as soon as possible (ASAP)

Thank you for your service so far!!

You guys rock. Take your time and I hope one day we can all return the endless favors which you guys give us all. I hope your service continues to grow and none of your staff has to work a "real job" ever again. Cheers.

its not up yet !

@resteemable We believe in you!

Looking forward to see it back. :)


Is It Going To Run Soon ??