OooPs !!!

in ooops •  20 days ago

I had an itchy nose.
did you caught me doing something BaD?
I am a Good Boy. I just had a Cold and a running nose.
Was it My Bennie that gave away?
I was All Gear up ; I also have my Dummie on me.
They call me Addidas kid.
Oh! , I was only kidding.
cmon and Play with Me....
Winner Circle !
Send me 0.10 to @tenaga-satu and received Double!
Oh! Yaaaaaaa..
But you have to comment on this Post to be Qualified , Maybe I will like you.

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I love your suggestion Su , ok I will make one post with that.


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opps, get him a tissue to for his runny nose. lol

he looks so cute.

lets me give him a new name, his first name is Oops, and last name is Adidas.
his full name is Nike. hahaha


He is A FashionKid and he is cool.


he defiinitely looks so cool. haahah and cute

oppss! baby, your is very handsome, you will be loved many people, I'm sure of that.😊

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