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Brood 1912!
05-23 Arizona Journal-Miner 23May1912.jpg
Arizona Journal-Miner 1912

Elopement was a bad bad problem in the XXth century!
05-23 Arizona Journal-Miner 23May1912-2.jpg
Arizona Journal-Miner 1912

13 of his relatives had died...
05-23 Daytona Beach Morning Journal 23May1946.jpg
Daytona Beach Morning Journal 1946


These posts are a never ending source of phenomenally weird and fascinating news. I enjoy them very much. The grasshoppers stoping trains is mind blowing! I would have never imagined you could stop a train like that!!!! It's almost like science fiction.

I guess these grasshoppers are similar to the "brood X" swarm of insects popping up in America every 17 years :) Thanks! Glad you enjoy these nuggests of craziness!