Come Join ONO Beta Version with me

in onosocial •  3 months ago

(Logo: Samuel Douglas)

Come join ONOSocial Decentralized App or Dapp with me.

It is currently under beta and it is flooded with Chinese users right now.

Need more English crowd there.

Come join me at ONO

Download the App from here

OR from the play store.

You will need an INVITE Code to activate the Dapp

USE My Invite Code: AJRO

Most errors from the App are gone.

Come, be an early adopter.

I joined steemit late and I know I can never be a whale here.

Be an Early Adopter on ONO

After joining ONO, Follow me by putting my Unique ID Code in the search field.

My Unique ID Code to follow me or to add me as a friend is this number: 100007526

See you there.

Good Day.

Let Steemit and ONO co-exist.

I use both..

You can do the same :)

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