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John Milburn "Jem"

John Milburn, a famous blockchain technology pioneer, announced that he would formally join the ONO mainnet team as a technology partner. He will lead the 11 ONO mainnet core members including Matias Romeo to build the main network together. It is expected to go online in 2019.

"You are right, and I normally try to keep my communications technical, as I am not very tactful. I have no quarrel with Dan or with Block One. They have done an excellent job of creating this wonderful new software which we are now using to run the EOS Mainnet, and which will be running the ONO Mainnet, eventually.

My profile and background on the ONO website is totally accurate. Somewhere in the translation and PR process, some inaccurate statement got into the press release. Some third party used that to make some attack on ONO, using a reaction from Brendan. I have no idea how all that happened, or what are the underlying motives of the parties involved. There seems to be some historical animosity there.

Block One as a company has gone through incredible growth, more than $4B revenue in its first year. Its executives are clearly overwhelmed, sitting on a pile of tokens and cash, and not enough time to establish processes and procedures to handle it all, especially given that the regulatory environment around them is filled with uncertainty. Some degree is disfunctionality is to be expected.

But, the software is in good shape, is running a global general blockchain well, has higher transaction rates than any other distributed system, and has all the basic tools needed to implement governance. The next step is to use it to implement a tuned chain for the ONO dapp, another first in the blockchain world, a smart contract chain tuned for a specific dapp. How cool is that?!"

How Cool Is That?

A must on the Ono and Steemit Blockchain

Best regards Tom

You want to join the Beta-Testing of the ONO app?

Just download it here
ore in the IOS store.

Feel free to use the following code to sign in


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ONO does look very promising venture, @zanoni.


yeah, don't miss to join it early....

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