World's first 3d printed ONO keychain

in ono •  7 months ago

ONO keychain by tarekadam.gif

As you might noticed from my last two posts where I broke down the ONO white-paper into a condensed form of in total 16 interesting features, I am very interested into the coming ONO project.

As I love 3d design and printing, I thought I could very well create the worlds first ONO Keychain :-) The design has been done in Fusion360 and printed with my Prusa i3 MK2. If fine with @onosocial I will upload the 3d file to my Thingiverse site for free download so anyone with access to a 3d printer can print the ONO Keychain as well.

Design in Fusion 360.

I first created an SVG file of the ONO logo which I used to import into Fusion360 as my base sketch.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 15.12.31.png

Next I Extruded the various parts. The inner part of the logo with 1 mm thickness and the rim and Letters with 1.5mm thickness.

ONO Keychain by tarekadam.jpg

I hope you like the design as much as I do!

Edit: The .stl file has been uploaded to my Thingiverse page for free download.

All the best!


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This is so cool! And thank you for your generosity in sharing the 3D print design. We hope to see more of these start circulating! Where can we find the design download link?


I am glad you like it! The .stl file, needed by a 3d printer has been uploaded to my Thingiverse page.

very nicely done those can be giveaways for events and promotions!


Oh yes, I think that would be awesome!

Fantastic stuff bro...


Thank you very much.

Awesome !

LOVE the clean design :)

And here I thought I could hold the 3D crypto keyring niche 😜

I just got the physical print of my latest one too !



Thank you. Your print looks awesome! Well done.

The design looks really impressive :D


I like it myself a lot as well. Thank you!

Wow man, really cool and your work is really appreciable. And this 3D key chain is really attractive to watch, and in my opinion this reflects your enthusiasm towards ONO project. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you very much.


Welcome. 🙂

wow what a creativity thanks for shareing


I am glad you like it, thank you!

Wonderful creativity, like it

Damn, this ir super cool ,I can imagine what could I would print ,if I had chance 😀😀

Hello, how are you. best regards from me @ariefsingkil in Aceh Singkil Indonesia. please help follow and upvote me yes.

Yes I've been following ONO in a few weeks and trying to download Apps on Android, but not yet fully run, does ONO Application still restrict its users to Chinese people only, and the Design you submitted is very fun what if I have one of them, thank you for sharing @tarekadam