ONO in a Nutshell - Part 2

in ono •  7 months ago

This is the second and last part of the ONO white-paper infographic that shows some interesting features of the coming ONO social network. If you have't read the first infographic yet than please check it out here.

For more details about ONO please follow @onosocial on steemit and check the ONO white-paper posted on steemit / medium.

ONO in a Nutshell Part2.png

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Thanks for this 2-part ONO in a nutshell.

Oh, these insights literally turning into an shadow of Steemit Ecosystem, means in a way it's reflecting as an competition. Let's see how this works. Thanks for sharing part 2 and your creative efforts are really appreciable. 🙂

wow great @tarekadam thanks for shareing