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With the ONO Token distribution coming, I took on the task to help make new users aware of ONO.

A thunderclap, allows for a synchronized message to be sent on a platform to get people's attention.

ONO's latest version of their website has a vibrant personal touch that I wanted to reflect in a new graphic for a thunderclap campaign.

First off, here are a few screen shots of the new website.




That last image in particular catches my attention. It is profound enough that I could dissect the layers and recreate a slightly different version that can scale and be used on Twitter or on a t-shirt.

The layers of that image are as follows:

  • Set of 10-11 people in 3 rows.
  • Profile pics are randomly placed in rows.
  • Face expressions are generally happy.
  • Image cuts should allow all profile shoulders to touch.
  • Profiles are cut out and placed on a black background.
  • Overall image gets a treatment
      - Fade between a pink and blue pastel color. (Simple)
      - Place blurred shapes above an opaque pastel layer. (True)

The actual website allows all images to scroll under the last treatment step, which I will not reproduce for the sake of creating a quick first version.

Set of 10-11 people in 3 rows.

I started out with gathering images of people who were staring forward with their shoulders visible in the image. I also wanted the face expression to be neutral to happy.


I made sure to include all photographers that I referenced in the sources at the end of this post.

Then in, Inkscape, I cut out all profiles so the background is removed.

I also need to resize all images to the smallest image, so the profiles can be tiled together.



Overall image gets greyscale along with a fade


The greyscale is a quick effect I can apply to the entire image.

I applied a blue circular fade on the edges of the image and threw in a purple circular fade above the image to get this.





  • Please send me three pictures with expressions ranging from neutral to happy.
  • Please leave space on either side of your arms in the picture.
  • Please have the bottom of the picture at the mid chest level.
  • Please leave space between the edge of your picture and above your head.
  • It is OK to use your hands to hold an object associated with a passion or hobby (eg. paintbrush, guitar, toy airplane, baguette, etc.)
  • Please take the picture with window light.

Ke has approved a small project to commemorate the first set of Super Partners and I need every Super Partner to participate!

, Thanks!



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Great work keeep it up.