ONO Weekly Report: Aug. 13-17

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1 Product and R&D This Week

1.1 Summary

Significant progress related to data synchronization, was achieved, and expected to be released on the upcoming major update.

In addition, ONO is planning to launch a user feedback function on the official website in the near future, allowing partners to directly send their feedbacks to the team.

The following was reviewed, and the bugs fixed so users can enjoy their ONO experience:

  • Home page

  • Search function

  • Chat function


1.2 ONO To Release A New Version Mid-August

The main update will bring a seamless notification function, for overseas and domestic users, alongside a sharing option (major social media: Twitter, Facebook,..) that is currently still in test.

A new GPRS device location function will be added to improve the loading of the pages., while the user feedback function is currently being tested, with the synchronization mode of the DApp.

1.3 Bugs Fixed In This Version

  • IOS fix of the page load, and pop up messages.

  • IOS fix of the DApp language switch function.

  • IOS fix of the edit function.

  • IOS & Android fix of the publishing issue.

1.4 ONO Product Development Updates

Community Regulation

On July 10th, ONO’s official Secretary announced the community’s regulations to ONO’s social network. Users can comment to the regulations by hashtaging #ONOXuKe. From July 11th, all violations will be publicized using the following information: Reason(s), Warning (Beginning this Friday), Method(s) of appeal and Community regulations.

This week, we reviewed a total of 76 users (for details, please refer to the "community regulations"section ). Those were the following violations users were involved in:

  1. Sensitive content related to pornography, gambling, and the use of illegal substances.

  2. Insults, harassment, discrimination, malicious incitement, attacks, threats or other behaviors that disrespect the community.

  3. Publish multiple spam advertisements containing the selling of products, services, and other promotional content.

  4. Purchasing bots, account, boosting likes and comments.

  5. Malicious promotional marketing methods, mass posting/spamming, forwarding of unrelated content or copying and pasting comments.

  6. Plug-ins, malicious programs or related program for operating account functions.

2 Marketing

2.1 Operations Updates


ONO DApp was launched on the very first blockchain app store, and users have the capability to receive deposits of Candy tokens that were downloaded an amount of 520 times.

The social platform was featured on CoinDesk, the world's largest blockchain digital media.

YouTube's Crypto Shark reviewed ONO over his online Youtube channel, and praised the platform for its outstanding product.

2.2 Marketing Activities

Wednesday 15th.

Xu Ke, and John Milburn, the lead of ONO's mainnet team, attended the EOS Philippines conference to explain ONO ecology to the audience.

Friday 17th.

Xu Ke was invited to attend the 3rd Huaxing Capital Impact Investment Summit with the view to discuss the intrinsic value of the blockchain today, alongside the founder of Gongxinbao, partner of Neo Global Capital, the founder of Touch Technology, and the director of NetEase Media Technology.


Friday 17th.

ONO was invited to Bitkop's "Women's conference", where ONO's CMO Zhou Ting discussed the specifics of the company's decentralized application, and the ecosystem.

Connect With ONO:

Official website: https://www.ono.chat

Telegram English

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