Pros and cons of computer games online

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Computer games online have become an integral part of the lives of most young people who spend several hours a day in the virtual world, and often all their free time. The question naturally arises: "Are computer games harmful online?". Especially it interests parents, whose children are constantly sitting at the computer.


The most important disadvantage is the dependence that computer games can play (mostly online games). Get rid of it yourself can not work, it is best to ask for help from a specialist.

A person who is dependent on the game, spends all his time playing and only occasionally, can be away from the computer. In such people begin to have problems with appetite, sleep, the psyche is disturbed. The worst thing is that at first the dependence is almost invisible, but the further, the worse.

Children and adolescents are especially vulnerable to dependence. Their not fully formed psyche is easily influenced by games. The children are slowed by the perception of time and it seems to them that only a few minutes have passed at a time when already flew a couple of hours.

Do not forget about the impact of computer games on adults. To date, the game depends on the same line with alcohol and drugs. Increasingly, the cause of the disintegration of young families is the game addiction. After all, no one will want to live with a person who constantly sits at the computer. Also, over time, dependent people become more aggressive, distracted. They lose family and work, which leads to deep depression.

Typically, most online computer games require real money investments. Which are subsequently transferred to virtual currency and are spent for the development of a virtual character. So with the family budget, money starts to disappear, and over time, the sums of investments will only increase.


As it turns out, computer games online can bring and benefit.

There are many games that focus on the development of logic, memory, attention and thinking. These include: puzzles, logical, strategies.

Developed games, even for the smallest users age from 3 to 5 years. They will teach the child letters and figures, tell about animals and plants, will have a positive impact on the development of motor skills of the hands, memory and musical ear.

Special games online for schoolchildren will help them to better learn the school material, teach different methods of solving the task, give in-depth knowledge of a specific discipline, help in learning a foreign language.


As you can see, they can be both harmful and useful. But both should be taken from us no more than 1-2 hours a day, because in addition to computer games in life, there is so much more interesting.