Online pharmacy UnitedPharmacies beginning to accept payment in bitcoins

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For buyers willing to pay cryptocurrency, the pharmacy will make a discount of 10%.

The us subsidiary of Hong Kong online service for the sale of drugs UnitedPharmacies will allow its customers to pay for purchases using bitcoin. The company has said that customers will receive a 10% discount on every order when you pay with bitcoins. According to them, the discount will be a good incentive to use the cryptocurrency.

Despite the willingness to accept bitcoin payments, the company explicitly refers to bitcoin with suspicion: pharmacy warns potential buyers that until them to the email address not received email with the exact cost of their purchase, they should not purchase or store bitcoins.

"In this case, you store bitcoins only for a short period and better protected against any potential threats to the security of your bitcoin wallet," reads the website of the pharmacy.

The company has several localized sites, including the UK and Russia. UnitedPharmacies allows you to purchase any medications without that prescription is illegal in the United States. Apparently, this has prompted the company's problems with receiving payments in 2013 UnitedPharmacies was forced to withdraw from the service of payments using credit cards and the only available means of payment for clients of the pharmacy was the international Bank transfers and checks kassirskiy. Perhaps this is caused by the company's interest in bitcoin.


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