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Is it possible to make money by promoting Click Engine?

Examining my sales figures for The Click Engine is the greatest approach to answer that issue. Keep in mind that the $2.30 commissions will be paid on a monthly basis as long as the referral keeps the membership active.

Is the Click Engine up to the task?

Although it is still early in the game, The Click Engine is already showing signs of promise. I'm thrilled to note that my Beginners Crypto Course mailing list has already gained two subscribers after only seven days.

Over a seven-day period, the Click Engine outperformed my #1 source of traffic and conversions, LeadsLeap (1.23 percent), with a 5 percent opt-in rate — and The Click Engine was only operational for six of those seven days.

Over the last few days, my own site, (edbvip), was the only one to "defeat" The Click Engine – but I suppose that's because the site owner normally has an advantage when pushing offers to his own site's subscribers. Also, because my second link (edbsr) failed to generate any list subscribers, the combined opt-in rate for the two "edb" campaigns is closer to 5% than 10%.

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TODAY 4,9$!!!

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