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Imagine having in mind to introduce a project to someone, the first step to make is to put down some keys facts about the project in question which will be at your fingertips thus helping you to have a nice discussion with the person. This is true because there is a saying "time is money".
Now the key facts or key points which was noted down can be likened to a review, this is also true because a review is seen as a detailed analysis or explanation of something which is from the writer's point of view.
Someone might ask, why this? This is because am about to give a detailed explanation or review about a blockchain platform known as ONIZ.

Yes blockchain, the truth is, anyone who is yet to know about blockchain technology might be missing a great deal; talk about the use of smart contracts, decentralization etc. With blockchain bringing about decentralization it succeeded in doing that which centralized systems are yet to do which is the security of users data. On the other hand with smart contracts, users can deal with each other in a more trusted and transparent way.
With these in mind about blockchain technology, imagine what will happen with ONIZ leveraging blockchain, yes your guess is as good as mine there will be a new way of doing certain things.



  1. ONIZ is based on blockchain thus being a totally decentralized platform with the aim of revolutionizing online systems such as online games, online sports betting and casinos etc. In the same way, in addition to leveraging blockchain, ONIZ uses AI also to ensure the platform is user-friendly. ONIZ was able to integrate with these aforementioned online systems owing to the fact it uses an innovative multi-chain wallet system. In addition to this multi-chain wallet system, cryptocurrency as a means of payment was integrated into daily life activities of users as well as the online payment systems.

  2. In a bid to stand out from other blockchain platforms, ONIZ took another path in the form of ITO (Initial Token Offering) and as such the first to Implement such. The main purpose of this is, ONIZ offered a new concept of safe to safeguard investors. Furthermore, another stand ONIZ took was providing insurance reserve for investors where the team rebuy or buy back the number of tokens sold with all processes transparent for all investors to see.

  3. ONIZ is piloted by a team with advanced knowledge in cryptography etc, and this is shown in their development of a feature known as ONIZ fund. This ONIZ fund is a decentralized open-source fund built with the aim of helping users to raise capital for their investments. It is also used in creating sub-projects just by holding ONIZ token.

  4. ONIZ isn't like other platforms with the aim of ensuring cryptocurrency adoption. To prove this, ONIZ platform can be used to receive Sbobet account bearing sports bets, that is to say, players can easily install ONIZ AI platform during betting on Sbobet. Therefore, by Installing this, players can use ONIZ token to buy AI analysis tips which will help them in winning.

  5. ONIZ platform token is ONZ, and with ONIZ leveraging Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts thereof, ONZ tends to be an ERC-20 token. With ONZ, users can launch projects associated with multi-chain payment supported by ONIZ platform. ONZ is also used in buying betting tips where the winning depends on the type of bet.


Just like ONIZ uses blockchain to ensure its platform supports the creation of other sub-projects, AI, on the other hand, is also used in sports betting and football game. In the case of sports betting, by holding a certain amount of ONZ the user will be presented with sport betting tips with up to 80% success rate. While in the case of the football game, good selection rate which will guarantee a winning rate of about 85% will be presented to the player.



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