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You can't talk of technological advances making headway in this current era without mentioning blockchain technology. Just like AI made possible the development of things like robots etc, blockchain made the transfer of funds between users possible without the need for any third-party. Other possibilities made by blockchain is the use of smart contracts where agreement relating to any transaction is upheld automatically thereby ensuring transparency and trust. With these in mind about blockchain technology, it's now evident it is finding great application in online payments systems as well as in online systems like gaming, sports bet and so forth.
It is worthy to know that with blockchain in these systems, there will be no need for third-parties thereby removing the need for any form of unnecessary charges. Also, with blockchain and as such cryptocurrency, there will be no restrictions as users can participate from anywhere in the world.

Since blockchain has many things to offer a team of experts with vast experience in cryptography, online payment systems etc built a platform known as ONIZ.
One might ask, is ONIZ the first to leverage blockchain, since it is not why should we use ONIZ platform?. The answer is, ONIZ isn't the first to leverage blockchain but certainly the first in some areas.



There are different reasons as to why ONIZ is worth the attention and time.

  1. Like earlier stated, ONIZ isn't the first to leverage blockchain but it is the first to use a model known as ITO (Initial Token Offering). The reason for this is owing to the issues and limitations associated with IEOs and ICOs, thus with this model, ONIZ was able to ensure investors are protected because this model is based on a concept of safe.

  2. ONIZ is a platform totally dependent on the blockchain while backed by a team with wide involvement in betting, blockchain and so forth. With their experience, ONIZ is developed to work with Multi-chain wallet system, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain hence ending up to be a platform which is easy to use, secure, trustworthy, reliable and proficient.

  3. Similarly, with ONIZ working with a cutting edge multi-chain wallet system and so forth, makes the platform fit for coordinating cryptocurrency payment into everyday human undertakings just as in online payment systems too. This incorporation of ONIZ into online payments includes; Online Game, Sports Bet, Online Casino, Money game MLM and E-Banking Projects.

  4. As prior expressed, ONIZ utilizes AI, blockchain and so forth to guarantee proficiency of the platform; along these lines supporting the development or launching of projects which will be founded on its token. To make it more fascinating ONIZ utilizes AI in sports betting, in this manner players or bettors holding a certain measure of the platform token can leverage game betting tips with precision or accuracy of up to 80%.

  5. ONIZ platform is built in such a way as to offer its users with enthusiasm for football games a selection rate with winning paces of up to 85%; this is likewise accomplished by utilizing AI which makes it feasible for real ability and ratio bookies analysis to be appropriately decided. Besides, token holders in ONIZ platform can utilize their tokens to get Sbobet account by means of sports bets.


ONIZ depends on Ethereum blockchain in this manner being an ERC20 token with a complete supply of 8 billion, thus a glance at ONIZ shows how significant the platform is; on one hand with blockchain there is security on the other with AI users can bet on Sbobet.

Furthermore, the token of the platform is known as ONIZ with ticker ONZ, consequently with this token users can buy AI betting tips which will give them a high winning rate. ONZ can likewise be utilized to pay for games which are consolidated to the platform or those based on the platform.


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