"oneweb" is approaching the provision of terrestrial satellite Internet

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One Web is planning to launch 648 satellites into the Earth's orbit A network problem to connect the Internet to the world,

The US company One Web is moving closer to offering its satellite services to the planet by achieving its ambition to bring the Internet at an affordable cost to 31 per cent of the Earth's population who do not have access to 3G communications.

The company, which has received support from more than $ 1.7 billion from Virgin Group, Softbank, Coca Cola, PartiGroup, Qualcomm and Airbus, has announced an exclusive $ 190 million agreement with Ecostar's Hughes Netwerk Systems to provide some infrastructure The necessary ground for the distribution of Internet services.

According to the agreement, Hughes Netwerk Systems, the provider of satellite communication solutions, will manufacture a ground-based network system to support the artificial satellite network of One Web in the 648-orbit minimum Earth orbit.

The agreement is an extension of a previous agreement signed by the two companies in June 2015 and Web One is on track to provide its first Internet connection by 2019, bringing the total value of the two agreements to about $ 300 million.

According to the latest agreement, HAGS Systems will provide portals with multiple access points to track the satellite to facilitate the transmission of high-speed user data traffic between the satellite network.

"The launch of the ground system is a major step towards the One Web goal of bridging the digital divide, leaving no one behind," said Webber founder and CEO Greg Wheeler. "We are excited about the release of this important part Of our network as we prepare to launch our first fleet early next year and provide service to every Alaska town house starting in 2019. "

The two companies began developing the terrestrial network system two years ago, and the agreement calls for the provision of equipment to support satellite access points at port sites around the world, including purpose-built switching systems, open-circuit modems and power boosters.

It is worth mentioning that Hagos Network Systems provides about half of the market for satellite communications services and is behind Internet connections in aircraft around the world.
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