Introducing the One Thousand Token. Only 1000 tokens ever created. Powered by the Steem Blockchain and

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Introducing the One Thousand Token- MAX supply: 1000- HardCapped.

Only 1000 tokens will ever exist as the max supply was set and thus hard capped at just 1000 like the name implies. I believe this token can be a store of value and used to promote steem-engine as a whole with the steem blockchain and its technical specifications and @blocktivity and FCAS scores especially to compare them to BTC ETH LTC and other more popular chains.

(Here is an example of an Infographic I have altered to also include steem-engine and the One Thousand Token since the same speeds and qualities of steem apply to all of the tokens using the steem blockchain)

Only 500 have been issued, the remaining 500 will be either issued in social bounty faucets to promote the token and for now sinks will be required since the demand will be choked once the max supply has been reached- or if enough OTT is sold stakeholders can vote to burn it.

I hope to create a sense of rarity and scarcity with this token since only 1000 will ever be in existence and there are over one hundred thousand active accounts just on steem, 16 thousand active accounts with over 200 SP and so I believe as long as I promote this token

I believe with such a low supply, people will be more likely to hold this token when given one. It is unseen if I will do an airdrop, perhaps starting at 1000 top steemians at x 0.01 each so it is only 10 OTT airdropped or 1% of the 1000 total supply.

You can trade the OTT Token and buy some today at Steem Engine here:
The rare nature of such a token and sheer number of 80-100 thousand active steemians with disposable income leads me to believe that very low supply tokens can become in high demand by various niches, like @neoxian and his neoxian gold token as a great example.


I will be doing extensive Social Media promotions to promote this token and create extremely fancy infographics using this same gold and black theme to dazzle the likes of the crypto twitter and subreddits. I will also be giving out 10 x 0.1 OTT each to 10 lucky users who comment on this post to help kickstart some distribution to steemians. But once a few hundred steemians have some OTT , 1 whole OTT won't be given out so freely.

Come to @steemspeak discord to get another chance to 10 more chances to get 0.1 OTT , I will use the @banjo tip bot created by Steem Developer inertia to facilitate tipping of the One Thousand Tokens to help with its initial distribution.

As far as the distribution, airdrops for 0.000229 OTT have already been sharedropped to 436 members of the Palnet discord at and a similar amount has been given to another few hundred members of @steemspeak discord.

No matter what happens with the distribution, the supply will remain low, and as long as no one buys the 10% of the supply or 100 tokens that was put on sale by @onethousandtoken then no one can demand to have a proposal voted on by token holders for what to do with the remaining 500 OTT. My plan for the remaining 500 tokens is to be able to sell them on the market for much higher the my original 10 steem to 15 steem per TCC and I hope this puts confidence in potential TCC buyers. I believe I can drive demand high enough to get interest in buying 1 of these tokens from at least 1% of all active users on steem, roughly one thousand people out of roughly 100 thousand active users on a platform/blockchain with around 1.5 million total accounts.. The next approximate deadline for the white paper and the website is next week, Around Sunday August 11 2019. Or if the result of an airdrop of SOME portion of the remaining 500 tokens is too beneficial to pass up, and if steem community wants and airdrop of the remaining 500 tokens at 0.1 OTT each to the top 5000 accounts that might be very possible. An airdrop of 1000 users being only a few dollars or I believe 20 steem, so around $20 dollars for 5000 , or I can just do 0.5 OTT to the top 1000... It might be a good way to get minnows interested in getting one of these more rare steem engine tokens seeing the top 1000 users getting one half or even 0.1 of a rare coin with only a supply of 1000.

The team for promoting the One Thousand Token will meet on the @steemspeak discord and those who contribute will earn their chance to receive one of just a few whole OTT tokens I have allocated for social bounties and a team of promoters.


Why pick 1,000? Why not a lower number like 100? Or hell just 1?

Because 100 is too low, 1000 is just right, 1 is too small, theres some coins like 42 coin that were just so small, each token was too expensive no one wanted one

Why did Satoshi pick 21 million? So the $1 per BTC price could happen sooner than later

Simple. 8 decimal points is the max right now. If you have too low of a s upply you cant even diide up a billon dollars into satoshis with one coin without having thousands or hundreds of dollars lol we need to have teh satoshis

dude this is on EOS and you can withdraw from steem engien and soon sell for EOS on newdex with AIRGRAb to all EOS genesi holders... @mykos @btcmyk

Upvoted, resteemed and will upvote whoever comments here.

I believe that with a token this rare it can inspire users on steem, especially minnows, to buy this to get a piece of a potentially rare and popular token. that could end up becoming an example of just how high a LOW SUPPLY coin can get using just the internal market forces of the users on the steem blockchain. I cannot wait to see tools by @aggroed and @blocktrades to allow more users without Steem or Keychain to still buy Steem Engine tokens, perhaps by using @banjo to send SE tokens to discord accounts + @discordtip bot to accept BTC ETH XRP TRX BCH EOS and other major altcoins which it already does.

If anyone comes into that SteemSpeak discord I will make sure they will also be given access to steem INV links to create steem accounts instant and free, Ill allocate a handful for new users wanting to buy OTT but who dont have a steem account.

@tytran You Know I am going to Comment because I just Bought my FIRST Fractional Piece of OTT Token. Love You Brother and for everything that you and @ackza do to Promote Crypto and FREEDOM that is the Life that All of Us are looking For............

Upvoted and resteemed... How do i get the 100 tokens for 15 steem as mentioned in your tweet?

I am ready to buy.

EVeryone who commented so far got 0.1 OTT sent to their steem accounts via @steemspeak @banjo bot


Good Going Zach @ackza Way to get the Token out there........

Gave you your 0.1 OTT and I gave 5 more people their tokens so 10 people in chat got them!

I have enough in discord that i havent given out to give out a few more to 4 more in chat

but the great thing about this token is, i can give out as much as I want, it wont hurt the price, I am not issuing anymore after i get to 1000 and i already issued 500 to get enough to matter but enough to have SOME freedom for the holders to take a vote on about what to do with the remaining 500 and of course burning would make us the 500 token instead, and i think were limited enough, i believe we could easily convince 500 people to buy 1 token each or 100 people to buy 5 each, i think there are plenty of people right here on the Steem Blockchain to fuel enough demand for this as a EXAMPLE token to make us all happy we invested early. Worst case scenario is one of us runs out of money to keep the price high but if the success of a low supply coin like @neoxian and his neoxian gold is any indicator, then we should be fine as our supply is much lower. Altho that does create some inflationary concerns so i will make sure to get maybe 0.01 or 0.001 or 0.0001 int the hands of a a larger group of top steemians.

1 OTT can be split into one thousand 0.001 fractions and so for just 10 OTT I can distribute a small piece to the top 10,000 and if I do 0.01 I can do 1000 ... we will all vote on these matters soon :D

Interesting take on the scarcity or VIP approach vs. a lot more Doge like tokens out there....I hope this is not a double post, my computer wonked for a second but am in the first 10 to comment and happy horizons

Good Lock :) keep going on 💪

I know this steem is one of the most powerful blockchain social platform. To make people interest we need more and secure project in steem blockchain. Good luck for your project onethousand token.

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Great move.. Hope to get some tip soon

waoo amazing idea i have upvoted and resteem.hope i also able to get this coin soon as i active on both discord

Great idea! I will be interested to see where this goes.

0.1 OTT in your steem account , check steem-engine wallet balance, or steempeak wallet

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