Onerace Update (June 02 - June 03, 2018) - Empowering Filipino Culture and Tradition

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@onerace is a community account that empowers the culture and tradition published on the Steem blockchain. Our mission is to encourage and support blogs pertaining to Cultures and Tradition of nations. We wish to use this post to highlight the 5 best blogs within the two-day period (June 02 - June 03, 2018).

Ideally, this community project is created to add support to Filipinos who blogs about Culture and Tradition of the Philippines. There might have been major communal accounts aiming to support Filipino posts, our aim is direct focus enrichment and uplifting these hidden treasures.

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Our main focus is to empower "Filipino Culture and Tradition", blogs that pertain to Philippines identity, history, artifacts, traditions, superstitions, and many more that has been part of Filipino Culture. To maintain @onerace's focus on empowering Filipino Cultures and Traditions, the following topics of blogs will be excluded:

  • Poetries
  • Religion-based articles (Writing / Religion / Bible Verses / Quotes)
  • Politics

Into which we stand firm of excluding these types of article to maintain and prosper blogs that are ethnically Culture and Tradition focused

Here are the Featured @onerace Blogs on dates (June 02 - 03)

The blogs featured on this post are our way to showcase to the public the best Philippine Culture and Tradition not intended to take advantage of it to make it as a blog. Here are the five featured blogs in June 02 - June 03, 2018.



Flores De Mayo (May Flower Festival) - Beautiful Sunday

The festival is held for the whole month of May in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary. Flowers are taken to the altar of the Virgin Mary as an act of devotion and celebration of the festival....


Philippine Folk Dance Tinikling: I Did it!

I danced Tinikling! I never knew I could dance tinikling. It was a pretty difficult dance.....


HAMPAS PALAYOK- A traditional Filipino game

A traditional game called “Hampas Palayok” (hit the pot) was very popular in the Philippines. I know that every Filipino who can read this experience playing this game at least once during their childhood. Before, this game was only played during Barrio Fiesta (Feast). This was played mostly by children but now, it can also be played by adults during birthday parties, Christmas celebrations or any other occasions.....


Bati-Cobra - A Traditional Philippine Game!

Bati-Cobra is a classic but popular game among the kids in the province. It is a hitting and catching game. This game is played outside just by at least two players....


Home simulation game: Bahay bahayan

Bahay bahayan (household/home simulation game) is one of the most popular and the best Filipino traditional game during 80's to early 20's. This game is really amusing and very fun to play, especially when you are playing with your childhood mate. This is also my most favorite game during our generation. We play this almost everyday.....


How do we maximize our Influence (Steem Power)?

We technically be reviewing blogs that covered by @onerace's focus and distribute the "Voting Power" that we had among the chosen posts. So here's how we maximize the vote of @onerace,

  • 5 posts will be voted at Full Power (100%)
  • Tier 2 posts (posts that we're good but were not featured) allocating 800% VP (to be divided by # of posts)
  • Tier 3 posts *(posts that we're not that quality made but are still covered by @onerace's allocating 400% VP (to be divided by # of posts)

Photos posted on featured authors are from the authors itself, all of the photos above took the credits to the featured authors except the highest picture above (we're currently designing our own cover photo and logo).

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Thanks @onerace for the feature. And please know that I appreciate the effort you are putting into curating posts and in empowering Filipino culture and traditions. It is a great deed to not forget about who we are amidst the various influences.

Thank you so much @onerace for featuring my piece. Please expect more articles featuring our culture.Again, thanks! more power!