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 New post editor was introduced to OnePlace.media. We developed it according to our own taste. So, we wanted to avoid the nervous tic from scrolling up and down in order to see what your post will look like, to reduce manual typing of html tags and markdown during editing, thereby creating the most functional visual editor.
 And now this post is already being typed in the OnePlace editor.
 Also we added the functionality for saving multiple post drafts... But first things first.

 How to create a post on OnePlace?

 The button for creating a post is located in the top right near the switch between Steem and Golos blockchains. It looks like a pencil. When you click it, you get into the post editor. You can go there either from your tags feed or from a personal blog.

 What does the post editor look like?

 We have made the editor minimal, but functional.

 In the center is the working area. Separate inputs for the title and for the main text.
 In the top right is a list of your drafts and the publish settings (tags, payment settings, etc.).
 On the left side is the toolbar for editing.

 You can see how your post will look after publication in two ways:
 1. By clicking the preview button with the «eye» icon on the toolbar you immediately see exactly how your post will look after publication.
 2. Switch to the fullscreen view. This way you can type and edit text in the left panel, and in the right panel you will immediately see how it will look in the post.

 Tools for formatting posts

 We included in our toolbar all the main formatting functionality. Let’s see how to use it.

1. Bold and Italic.
 In order to make text bold or italic, select the desired section of the text with the mouse and press B (for bold) and / or I (for italics).

 2. Headings.
 Headings are created in a similar way when a section of text is highlighted and Heading (H) button is pressed. To decrease or increase the heading size, use the nearby H buttons with arrows.

 3. Code and quotes.
 To visualize program code or a quote we also select the desired sections of the text and press Code or Quote buttons, respectively.

 4. Lists.
 To create first item of a bulleted or numbered list, click the corresponding buttons on the toolbar. To create next items, just press «enter» to insert a line break.

 5. Align text. Wrap text around image.
 After selecting desired section we can center text using Centered button in the Formatting dropdown or make it justified (Justified button). Also you can, for example, pull one of your post images to the left so that it takes up only half of the width and the text will wrap around it on the right. To do this, select the code responsible for the image and click Pull Left button. If you want the image to be on the right side instead and the overflowing text on the left, then click Pull Right.
 In the same dropdown menu there are also Indent Text and Insert Line buttons.

 6. Links.
 Website URLs can be entered directly without using the toolbar. However if you want the link to be «hidden», then select part of the text to which you want to add the link, click the Insert Link on the toolbar and paste the link URL in the modal window.

 7. Images
OnePlace editor allows direct upload of images up to 2 Mb or gif-animations up to 20 Mb. You can simply drag the file into the editor or click the Insert Image button and upload it from your computer.
 Also you can specify URL of an image hosted on another website. When using a link to a third-party resource, there are no restrictions on the file size.


 Yes, we can store post drafts. All your drafts can be found in the menu with the same name. You can create new drafts there as well. So, if you are not ready to finish your post now, you can easily put it aside to complete later and move on to creating another one.

 How to publish a post?

 Once the post is finished, click on the Publish button in the top right. In the dropdown menu enter relevant tags (each tag is confirmed by hitting «enter»), setup payment settings etc. Just the usual things. When ready, confirm by clicking Publish.
 Later, probably, somewhere in the same menu we will add scheduled posts setup.

 Our post editor is still in the testing phase. If you notice any problems, tell us about them in the telegram chat. The editor will be further upgraded and optimized later on.

 If you are reading about OnePlace.media for the first time, then you can find more about our concept in the previous posts: 1, 2.


While this is really a cool site for us to play the editor and markdown techniques, I believe the Steemit Editor is sufficient enough to my needs as a blogger/content creator. I love the idea/initiative but I'm sticking with Steemit. Cool stuff though :)

I am gonna try this editor

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That looks REALLY great and just what I was looking for the past few months!

Question: do you charge a percentage of rewards for posting through your editor?

Thanks and good luck developing!

Thank you! We currently charge 5% fee from author rewards to fund app development.

Sounds very fair! Following now so I can get updates on future developments :-)

Looks great, but one security question. What keys am I required to provide to the tool/service? That would be the biggest factor for me.

We agree that security is very important and we strive to provide most secure way of handling user keys. Our app uses multi-authority permission feature, which modifies account metadata to share posting authority with our account @oneplace.app. Such change requires signing transaction with your private active key. This method is also used by a lot of apps in the Steem ecosystem and all users can check modifications to their authority list on https://steemd.com/@account

Why we chose this method as the most favourable for security:

  • You need to enter your private active key only once to transfer authority. This transaction is signed in your browser and the key is never transferred anywhere.
  • After that all transactions are signed by our posting key and you can log in to your profile using just the email/password combo.
  • Your key is never stored in the browser, so nobody can steal it.

Of course we realize it still requires trust that's why our application is fully open-source (GitHub) and open for scrutiny and review by other developers. We also plan to implement an option to use SteemConnect, which is already trusted by many users to handle their private keys.

Steemconect is a good solution for this! I think it will increase users on your app. As everyone known , scammers and thieves are everywhere on steemit. I will never trust anyone my private keys and I don’t know any app that requires active private keys either. I trust steemconect and will be back as soon as you start to use it.

Much better to have software that runs on the desktop for managing authority. I have one in development now

Much better to have software that runs on the desktop for managing authority. I have one in development now

Actually if the user could provide his posting key each time and you are only posting, you wouldn't need the active key.

wow this looks super useful

Thanks for this great and informative post, markdowns styling has been a challenge to. I know this is going to help me Alot.

FollowBack every day 100%

I am really interested in this but why do I have to confirm my oneplace account with “private active keys”?! It doesn’t sound safe at all, that’s why I decided not to join. What is your opinion about this @oneplace ?

Please see our reply to @mrosenquist above.

Looks good but it would be nicer if there were only a right hand pane for most people.

Agreed. We plan to move to a fully visual editor at later time, because markdown is just too complex for an average user.

Excellent, very good tool.

Wow, this looks great! I’ll definitely go check it out! I’m particularly stoked about the easy alignment options (including pull right / pull left). Looks very easy to use.

Very good! Oneplace seems to be a very good choice. Projects like this are always welcome.

Greetings from Venezuela

Looks cool @oneplace.
Love the draft option, and text alignment too.

I upvoted and resteemed this.

Looks good, can't wait to give it a try, thanks!

Well, a bit frustrating. Looks like a great program, but I was not able to successfully log in or create a profile. Very frustrating. Could not identify a help tab or anything. Back to carrier pigeons.

Sorry about that and thank you for identifying the issue. We will add help section. What problem you had during profile creation?

Without going back and trying for the 6th time I cant exactly tell you the sequence of frustrations. But for your benefit I will attempt it one more time tomorrow and let you know how I failed. You must understand of course that I'm over 50 so when I go to bed at night tech skills don't automatically download into my brain. However, I have logged in and made profiles on numerous other sites so have some experience. Would seem to me that ease of access to your site would be a priority, unlike the firedrill one goes through with Steemit. No, I'm not usually a grump but at times my blood pressure does rise with tech challenges.

Hello, we just posted a guide on how to register and start using OnePlace. If you're still interested may be that will be helpful. Of course ease of access is a priority and we sincerely thought that it's pretty straightforward as it is, but it's important for us to get feedback from our users so we can improve. Among tons of one-liner bot comments that's especially precious, so thank you.

Many blessings. Will check it out. Thanks.

Look like an useful tool. I'm gonna try it

Wow nice tool! It will be much easier and more convenient to type there. Not to mention your work wouldn't look too plain unlike now.

Great job. That's a changer, thanks!

very interesting indeed. I had been posting in both Busy and Steemit, then I discovered Steempress, which allows me to post in my wordpress blog and it automatically posts to steemit and busy. Sounds like a good tool, I'll give it a try, thanks for the info!

Bravo, nice. Been looking for something like this to create and edit posts. Thanks! Resteeming...

Reminds me of the side by side markdown preview feature in Visual Studio code. Looks like a great web app! I'll be sure to try it out.

Very neat! Does it have a spellchecker? Hackmd offers some side-by-side markup, but their spellchecker sucks.

Thanks! It doesn't have spellchecker yet.

Sounds good. I will definitely try the editor. Always looking to save time.

this is what we need! you are genius!!!

hi upvoted please can you do the same thanks

Nice work done,i thinks this tool will really help us.thanks
I have started following you because you are really doing nice work.

this looks great !

@oneplace I have learned a lot from your post. Keep sharing stuff like this. Thanks.👍👍

its really an informative post ever..thanks for sharing this..good job😘

Hey , thanks for sharing! i to be happy Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post!

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This is great stuff!

Definitely you’re dam good @oneplace
Well explained and simple tutorial for new people on steemit.
really thanks for sharing.

its so interesting and so imformative p[ost
thanjks for sear this


Epic😂 but nice information.....thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

You should think about trying this to know the pros and cons

Great inovation, looking up to use it, thankyou for your hardwork in development @oneplace

Yeah! So simple. This was an idea long overdue. 🐓🐓

Great post.lookfoward to use tool.upvoted u.

it's great .i really like your post .it's very informative post ....i must follow you ....

I love the website and the idea to put the preview side-by-side with the text field. So much easier to see what your post will look like!
Another great feature is the use of the buttons on the side for all the markdown formatting. One of the most annoying things for me is having to write opening and closing braces on tags. Ugh.

However, I find that using @steem-plus's Chrome extension is a far better medium for posting on Steemit. Not only does it alter the post formatting, but it has heaps of other amazing features added to Steemit without having to leave the website and enter private posting keys not using SteemConnect.

I didn't want this to sound like a promotion for @steem-plus and I don't want to discredit you guys for the amazing work you did to create this website because it is really appreciated that people are trying to help make the platform better in so many ways!

Keep it up @oneplace! Great stuff!

It's really informative post ever.. Thank you for share..

I have used oneplace.media to post a blog .but the reward payout looks weird .the reward goes to SP way to much .I think this is a bug of oneplace .media,since it never happened before .Is there any way to correct the wrong split ratio?
one place bug

a useful post and worthy of the word in the stack so beautiful .. salute successful oneplace support for @tasier22 that has not been successful

its too much long i didn't read whole article but i read some paragraphs which are informative thanks

This is really cool and helpful :)

Way to go @oneplace it must be tried great job

nice functionality ,you guys are doing a great job @oneplace.
am new to steemit ,but already write about my self ,check it out here and please up vote me thanks. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@owaniofficial/introduction-post

To me this is no different from the Steem More Info plugin for Chrome.

Nice work done,i thinks this tool will really help us.thanks

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Good advices! Keep it up! Thank you!

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