One Photo Everyday (15/365)

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One Photo Everyday (15/365)

I go out this afternoon to the pharmacy in search of a medicine for my mother, since somebody told us that they had arrived at a pharmacy near our house. For many it is known that in Venezuela medicines are not obtained because they are imported and, the very few that are produced in the country, are also very, very expensive, because the raw material must be imported.

During that outing I found on my way this beautiful plant with some very attractive flowers of bluesky and white color. Of course, he was not going to miss the opportunity to take his image.


I do not know the name of the plant and, therefore, the flower. If you know it, please leave me its name here. Thanks in advance!!

While it is true is a photo every day, but today, I gift you two.



Public OPED Project Announcement:

One Photo Everyday is not just a challenge nor just a series of posts on Steemit but it’s our way of providing valuable pictures everyday to our amazing community in order to promote the storytelling through the lens of the cameras.
Public OPED Project Announcement:

I am just an amateur to capture the images that like and attract me, with the only tool I have that is my cell phone or the other one of any member of my family. I want to learn about this wonderful world of photography, for that reason, I have decided to start this interesting journey through #OnePhotoEveryday.

I hope that my images speak for themselves and tell their stories, and that they manage to reach you.


Cell Phone: SAMSUNG Wave S5800
Camera Model: GT-S8500L
Location : Lechería, VENEZUELA.

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