One Love IPFS Node Update For Tuesday

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Node One, Two, and Three Average CPU + Memory


Node One Specifications:

AMD Phenom II X4 965
16GB RAM (Total)
2000GB HDD Space
2120GB (Total)
1GBPS Port

Node One Usage:

Drive Storage: 193 GB Used

Node Two Specifications:

2 CPU Core
2GB Cloud Ram
50GB SSD Space (Total)
1GBPS Port

Node Two Usage:

Drive Storage: 46 GB Used

Node Three Specifications

1 CPU Core
1GB Cloud Ram
25GB SSD Space (Total)
1GBPS Port

Node One Usage:

Drive Storage: 11 GB Used
You can check One Love IPFS's introduction post here.


Looks interesting, I wonder what to do with my hardware... I have a Ryzen Threadripper 1950x water cooled on an x399 (gaming/server) Motherboard with NVME capability of up to 8 SSD drives. Would you recommend anything?

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