Teenage Engineering OP-1, Top 3 Reasons It's in my Studio

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Here are the top 3 reasons the Teenage Engineering OP-1 survived my recent gear slash. I sold off some pieces I wasn't touching much lately, this video talk about the reasons the OP-1 survived the cut.

It's going to be great jumping back in everyday, I love watching the platform grow and meeting amazing friends and content creators. See you on Dtube !

I started a Discord chat that will focus on electronic music curation and minnow growth on Dtube/Steemit platform.I've been directing my vote outward for 2 months, using the NBD Discord as my way to meet and curate new artist. Join today if your a electronic musician on the Dtube or Steemit.

Discord Link : https://discord.gg/bDaKHs

: Nothing But Dirt Road Map :

Step 1 ( 2018 ) - Promotion of NBD and the concept within the Steemit ecosystem. Supporting artist on the blockchain and sharing Steemit with artist outside the blockchain.

Step 2 ( 2019 ) - Artist start releasing CD's, records and merch with Steemit profits. This final step is when the website takes full form and NBD becomes real. Branching out into the real world is the long term goal. The long term goal is to give a central "brand" for electronic artist of Steemit and solid curating system. This would allow funds to be saved for artist if they wish to release CD's, records or merchandise.

NBD records wants to help introduce new creative minds to the Steemit blockchain by helping artist outside of the Steemit ecosystem get started on Steemit. Everyone on Steemit loves the technology the potential of blockchain driven social media but many new users can feel overwhelmed by the new system, leaving them in culture shock.

I want NBD records to help push the blockchain forward into a bright future, creating new Steemit users from people who have a good experience with the blockchain via NBD records. I'm thinking of labeling the series " From Outside the Blockchain" and having all SBD from these post go to new Steemit accounts for these artist. Allowing them to have a smooth transition and introduction to the Steemit blockchian.

I'm a admin of the largest synthesizer and drum machine group on Facebook, reaching almost 50,000 members. This group gives me contacts to many other large, creative groups outside the Steemit ecosystem. These groups can help me spread word of the Steemit blockchain, creating Steemit content creators of tomorrow !

The growing list of Blockchain Artist NBD supports is growing. All SP is supplied via @toddjsmith1979 who drops down to 20/30% vote value twice a week in order to curate the group. NBD will save ALL Steem Power and never power down. All Steem Power will be used to support @toddjsmith1979 with curating NBD artist.

NBD is now accepting delegations if you want to support the project, it means the world to growing creative Steemians. At the core NBD will be a Steemit based "record label" but will support any good content made from a growing content creators on the Steemit blockchain with remaining power.

Record labels of the past are bound by the rules of a old system. This new technology will allow users to create amd support new projects in a way never seen before blockchian technology. It’s going to be interesting to see how old models hold up in the blockchain era. I see many concepts of the past going the way of the pager and VHS, they will just become outdated.

Steemians are early adopters of this new technology, on the forefront of new ground and new possibilities. Taking this new freedom and applying it to a record label only creates endless possibilities. That’s how the concept of NBD Records started to form. NBD will be one of the first blockchain driven groups that pushes products and projects beyond the blockchain.

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Interesting timing, I was just looking at the Pocket Synth line from Teenage. @isaria and I starting to learn our way around FL Studio today. I'm definitely going to follow and see what I can learn.

Feel free to ask any questions , thank you for taking the time to check out the video and drop a comment

I've got a few of the pocket operators myself. They are cool devices.

Out of my price range but maybe one day, interested to see what their new thing turns out like

It's not cheap. The portability and various engines is what appeals to me about it. =)

@toddjsmith1979 I can see why you like this device. The biggest one I think is it being so portable. Great video my friend.

It's not cheap but portability is the key factor with sampling

Op1 is great but way overpriced

I disagree 100%. The amount of power and options you get with the portability is well worth the price tag in my opinion. Nothing is for everyone tho.

i agree. i have used in the studio a bit, def made some great tracks on it. I think its great to make sketch beats on it, or use it more abstractly to mangle samples or make melodies. It just a little thin for my taste, it needs a ton of gain to get it sound good with other gear. Its digital tho.. But yeah dont get me wrong i think its a great for what it is. Im a big fan of teenage engineering

Thank you for taking the time to check out the video

great vid/post. ive been looking into getting an op-1 for quite a while now but have just ended up grabbing other gear somehow first. def have my eye on it still though i know the op-z is soon to be released... so well see. i got a roli seaboard rise which is honestly a mindblowing instrument. lol has inspired me to learn so much more piano.