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Dear steemian

today I want to discuss why I like Dtube

I was a steemian who joined since 8 months ago
And I have only known dtube since two months ago.
Whereas I have known youtube since 5 years ago.
But I have never been interested in uploading my video videos to youtube because there are certain reasons.

But when I know dtube
I immediately fell in love with dtube ..
Because on dtube it's very different from youtube ..
What's the difference ...?

Youtube ...

on youtube to get money from the results of the videos we upload, we must have a subcribe number of more than ten thousand subcribe.


While on dtube we don't need subcribe numbers to get money but we only need to make good and quality video content.
With good and quality content we can get money from dtube in the form of upvote provided by dtube and we can take the money in seven days.

But to be able to upload your video on dtube you must have a steemit account
And then you can upload your video on dtube.

That is my reason why I prefer dtube than youtube.

And maybe you have uploaded a video on dtube but have never received an upvote from dtube.
Maybe that video is a low quality video and you have to try to create good and quality content, to get what you want.

I also felt when the video I did not get upvote from dtube and that was the first time I knew dtube, but I did not feel disappointed but I was still excited to make high quality video videos so I get upvote from dtube and until now I still get upvote from dtube, and I became more excited to make a good video video.

To all friends dtuber
Passion continues to work
Create quality content content
Which helps the Dtube platform become better.

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