Dtube is really good.The DTube Community is so awsome.thanks for shearing

Good Video :)
Yes DTube have problems with IPFS but you can help !
Set up a IPFS Node and make the decentralized faster and better :)
The DTube Community is so awsome I had created my Account 3 Months ago and I had 98 Follower it is so amazing how nice the Community is!

Yep, and you can even do this with a Pi:

Thanks for the post! Yeah I see a bright future for all.

Thank you for posting your best wishes with this program

Yes Steemit woud revolutioniced the Social Networking :) <3

Thanks for the shout out. Very awesome. Good info, and so informative.

You got it, hopefully you will hit that 60 REP soon!

Insane amounts of respect for you @reseller. Thank you for your kind words and i'm so thrilled our paths have crossed. I'm sure we will get to interact more with each other more now I've joined the onelovedtube community :)

For sure man! I knew about the #dtubedaily tag but had no idea you had a discord till after I joined ONE LOVE. There is room for us all here, send me the link in discord if you want me to join up on your server.

seems interesting 😉

Awesome show bro, amazing work you do for the blockchain

Postingan yang sangat bagus saya tunggu postingan selanjutnya.

Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

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