Struggles in the work place

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What happens late at night when there is alcohol involved... You never know!
This fight broke out over an American tourist asking the group of guys to calm down a little so others could hear the music.

One of the men from the group started abusing and threatening the Tourist before he(the tourist) reacted and pushed back... It was calming down until the older fella threw in a cheap shot over my shoulder.

Luckily this is the first time in years I've seen an Incident like this in our bar. The people involved have since contacted me to appolgise. It doesn't take long for a simple situation to be blown out of proportion when you add alcohol, especially at 2am.

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Intense man. Glad you're alright.

Made for an exciting end to the evening...
I'm glad it was the end of the night and nobody else was in the bar to get injured, it is embarrassing when its your own establishment that it happens in!

HAHA! Sorry this happened in your bar, but when that old guy picked up the chair I lost it. He didn't know what to do with it.

Not to make light of your situation, but as far as bar fights go that was fairly tame. I've seen much worse, in fact may have participated. ;)

I used to be in the bar and restaurant business and luckily never had a major incident in 21 years. The plan used to be to get them to take it outside and settle it in the parking lot. I can only remember one time two guys actually went out and fought. They were so drunk it wasn't much of a fight, basically a shoving match.

Good luck with your bar and hopefully you won't have to get in the middle of this junk again.

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