I was just about to say that I like the new layout more!

Glad to hear it... was a little bit of a pain in the ass to get everything to show up correctly for both busy and steemit while still making the links work, something to do with image links busy/mobile apps do not like and they break yet I have seen some how up just fine still trying to figure out the trick so we can have the image clickable for dtube from busy and steemit without all the garbage text around it then leaving a link to the steemit blog below.... I was hoping to make the dtube videos playable but that does not seem to be an option without some major effort in coding.

beware that a lot of code doesn't work on these posts.

Yea I am going to have to simplify the post even more.... atleast we figured out how to get the middle section featuring the authors to look normal on steemit and busy but the mobile apps still do not want to load the images which may not be fixable..... what I have noticed is that there are 2 separate markdown systems between the two and things posted from steemit will work in busy but when posting the same thing from busy the links are broken.... so my assumption is just needs to fix their crap!

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