Onelovedtube Weekly Curation Showcase || Week 4

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Welcome Steemians & DTubers to the #OneLoveDTube community Weekly Curation Showcase || Week 4.

Today we are here again with our Weekly Curation Showcase || week 4, a post of our top 5 from all of DTube aiming to highlight the outstanding creations and need to know information for our beloved platform.

We moved into a manual curation through our discord bot, removed auto voting for all users except for those whom support our IPFS node or run a community node themselves. This move is so we can curate more effectively while also empowering those who choose to do the duty and supporting them for pulling up their socks!

"We #OneLoveDTube are a group of content creators aiming to support creativity on DTube and the platform alike by manually curating content while providing IPFS backup solutions that keep videos playable forever!"

This week's 5 stars are ...

Exploring the Healing Power of Food : A Good Walk for an Healing Lunch - A NaturalMedecine Challenge by @anttn


Hello dear Steemians and Nature lovers ! How's your weekend going ? We went to the parisian Chinatown to provide ourselves all the elements to prepare a delicious healing meal ! We found pak choi, udons, mango, green & purple leaves and many other elements ! There is nothing like a nice walk to tire your body and prepare it for a balanced and delicious meal at once, full of good energy, vitamins and nutrients ! And what was your last "healing" meal ? :)

Is DTube Setting Itself Up To Go After YouTube? by @taskmaster4450


The recent updates to D.Tube made some major changes. Contrary to what some believe, I do not feel that D.Tube abandoned Steem. It, instead, set up a blockchain so that it can become a video informational center. Since Steem does not approve of non-original content, D.Tube established a system where it can accept that.
In the video hosting world, shared videos are the norm. This is something that any serious platform has to consider. D.Tube did just that.


Do you believe in Time management? by @alokkumar121


A very happy weekend to all of you. in this video I have talked about time management. We all have limited time so so we should make the most of it. A proper management of science give better output and amazing results. Please watch this video and share your feedback and suggestions.
Thank you so much.

Yesss! DIYTUBE is now curating on the DTUBE blockchain as well! by @diytube


We got it! From today on we are not just voting for your content on the steem blockchain anymore. We are also tagging and voting on the Avalon blockchain. Feel free to tag your video with "diytube" so we will receive a notification! Feel free to delegate to our service and receive a 100% payback of ALL rewards related to your delegation. Feel free to contact us in the @innerblocks discord:
Or just write me on discord: tibfox_Norman#5331


Steemit OPENMIC semana 145 - "Al amigo Evelio" Originalsong by @sayury


Hello friends of OPENMIC and other musicians of steemit, for this week 145 I present myself with an original song that I titled: "My friend Evelio" he is the life partner of @petronila, and he is a very dear Mr. for my family and who recently turned years and I proposed as a gift this song ... always hoping that it is to your liking your friend @sayury says goodbye...


Thanks to our curation team (@freecrypto , @kaerpediem, @ashikstd, @gaborockstar , @d00k13 and @priyanarc) who work behind the scenes and curate as many posts as possible. Really appreciate your effort.

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We Will Get There Together!!!

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We always appreciate all the support we can get in our efforts to support others, Thank You for taking the time to stop in and read our Weekly Curation Showcase!


Great job team, congrats for those selected 👌 excellent contributions 👌

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Hi team, good selection... congratulations for all.

Thanks @onelovedtube team for selecting my video. Glad to get your curation. Have a great day.

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