Lose The Imposter's Syndrome!

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Hi friends,

This is the first video I've ever made! It's not the best filming conditions and I got a bit tongue twisted but I'll work on it!

I'm an artist and I often find it difficult to follow through on projects that take it to a more commercial level.
I came across an online article today about turning your fear into creativity. Here's the link so you can check it out: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-3-ways-channel-fears-creativity?utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=editorial

I hope by sharing this I can help another person out there having this same problem! I feel like this applies to all walks of life not just creatives! The section on Imposter's Syndrome, however brief it was, was like a bucket of water to my face! A real wake-up call - I could finally get some clarity on my issue.

Thanks so much for watching
See you in my next post!
Olivia x

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greetings, sweet Olivia

Be very welcome to steemit social network. I've been here since February of this year and I'm really enjoying. I participate here actively every day. Here, we can learn a lot by reading other people's posts about content that interest us and we can post our own content, helping people within our areas of expertise, training our writing, making a kind of "therapy" because, writing helps us to reflect on our knowledge and we will be slightly paid for it. I hope you enjoy.

My main tip is: before you begin to post your content, read the posts by teaching staff how to use this network, about how to write good text, how are the coins sbd, steem and steem power, how to advertise your text using the discord by example, votes issues and other things.

Other than that, we are always available. If you have any questions, go ahead.

Good afternoon!!!! Welcome!!


Hey thanks for that!! I'm just starting to get the hang of it, I'm enjoying my time so far too! I can't wait to make some more dtube content :)


Hello @wisecrackco and welcome to Steemit. It's a great platform for creating content. I am sure that in the future it will become the number 1 platform. I will be glad to read you.
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Really cool video @oliviasamman! I'm an art instructor at University in California and I can tell you from experience that what you're feeling is super common. It's definitely something that every artist goes through.

My advice would be to give yourself time and room to fail, and to not be afraid of failure, to embrace it actually. What I mean by that is if you're out there doing what you just mentioned, basically trying new things you've never done before, and putting yourself out there to achieve your goals. There is a very good chance that you will fail in the beginning and that's fine. It's just a part of the process.

In order to grow you always have to be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and with that, the risk of failure increases. Most people are too crippled by their fear to step out and just go for whatever it is that they want, but what I've found is when you can stop viewing failure as something to be avoided and see it more as a part of the journey to you reaching your goals, it goes from something that beats down your motivation, to something that can empower it. Good Luck! :)


Hey wow thanks! That was so lovely to read. I agree, there's definitely a high risk of failure and it deters a lot of people (including me). I think with being an artist too it's easy to fall into the thoughts of it would be so much easier if this.. or I wish my path was planned out for me like law students/med students, etc "it would be so much better to be doing something like them/that."

I can feel that it's all a process and I'm slowly building my skills and confidence and getting to where I need to be!

Thanks for your kind words :))))

Love your smile hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey. You are so fun hehe.


Thanks Oatmeal Joey hehe!


Hehe wow, hey girl, how are you?


I'm good! Just an Aussie tryna make it in America lol how are you?


I am good too and I was an American in Vietnam and I love how Australians talk. Love your smile and your love for life.

Welcome to dtube! Any artist who has the strength to get in front of a camera is a friend of mine. You are gorgeous and I'm sure will do fantastic on Dtube :) Stop caring what people think and do you!


Thank you! I'm trying :D I think dtube will be fun!

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This makes me so happy! Thank you!

I have been wanting to get into the dtube game for awhile now, but just have not found the drive to do it. I post often on steemit, but I think because my videography skills are so lackluster, I just haven't been able to get over that hump... dtube welcomes you with open arms, glad to see you are fitting right in!!

Keep up the good work, look forward to following you more closely in some of your future content :-))


Hey thanks! I also have very lackluster video skills! I filmed this on my Macbook camera lol! I felt the same way about dtube and then just decided to try it on a whim! You should try it anyway, I don't have any experience either :) I find steemit and dtube very non-judgemental

Well, welcome. I'll follow you and I hope you'll follow me


Followed :)

Hello! Welcome to Steemit! Have fun!


Hi thank you!

Welcome to steemit...
And you video is very nice 👍....


Thank you!

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Thank you so much!!

Welcome to Steem, @oliviasamman!

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pleaseeee help i'm new on steemit


Hi, I'm new too but to my knowledge if you stay active, post things that you actually care about and put effort into, and make an effort to interact with other people's posts genuinely, then you'll do great on steemit :)

I look at your face. You are so charming. Your introduction is fulfilling my mind. I watched your video several times. Thanks for sharing.


Hi, thank you!

Very well written article! You have a talent, develop it. I follow you, I'm always glad to make new acquaintances, I hope you will follow me.


Followed! Thanks for the support I'm going to try and do it much more! :D

HI Welcome to this beautiful group...


Hi thank you! I was happy to be invited :)