vlog16 Flea Market

in onelovedtube •  9 months ago 

After uploading I realized that my mic was malfunctioning. I guess its time to buy another. Today @starjack and I went to a flea market to sell some things we recently purged from our spaces. We didn't make as much money as we had hoped, but were entertained throughout the day by people watching.

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Nice video! Amazing sky!

That morning sky was crazy cool! It almost looked like it was not even real. Thanks for sharing.

howdy there hezziebees! sorry ya'll didn't have a smashing success but perhaps next time. If I went to sell stuff at a flea market I would come home with more stuff than I left with! lol
Hey did you guys have to set up that canopy or was that already there for you?
I love flea markets.


Thanks, we had to leave before we spent our profits! We did set up the canopy ourselves. Ill be posting a blog with photos of our setup from yesterday. It was not as successful as I would have hoped but I'm done setting up at flea markets LOL


howdy today hezziebees! oh so you are burnt out with trying to use flea markets to sell stuff? It does sound like alot of work and hassle! You guys did good to set up that canopy, that thing is a nice one!

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What a beutiful morning for a flea market!

Were you able to sell some of your stuff? Looks like a very enjoyable day as it was a very beautiful day. You could find very interesting stuff in flea markets. Lots of treasures out there for some.

love going to flee market! you got a lot of stuff in the car, and yes, the sound come and go, gotta get new mic hehe

thanks for sharing!


so lovely sky my dear friend hezziebees, i love the colorful market, very beautiful vlog, keep it up, god bless you.