Goodbye Florida

in onelovedtube •  6 months ago

The last video in our Florida vacation series. I finally seen an armadillo!! I was able to cross an item off of my bucket list. I love them!
It was a short trip but we did everything we wanted, and also got to spend time with all of those I hold dear. Thanks for Watching.

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Huzzah seeing an armadillo! Florida is a neat place, glad you got to do everything you wanted while you were there :D


Thank you! We had a great time.

Normally when you see an armadillo in the daytime it is usually a sick one, or sleeping on its back on the pavement like we would tell our kids.


That's interesting! I wonder if that would still be the case in the park? Had I researched that I may not have gotten so close to it. I was so excited to finally see one that I never took into account it could be sick.


Being in a park wouldn't make any difference, they are a nocturnal creature.
That is why so many get run over, their shell blends in with the blacktop roads and people seldom see them, they just feel the bump when they run over them, that is why so many end up "sleeping" on the side of the road on their backs.