Vlog 20 Birthdays, Bumps, and Butts?

in onelovedtube •  6 months ago

My son celebrated his 22nd birthday today. We are a very playful bunch so we decided to buy the bounce rings that allow two people to run into each other. My husbands sister takes every opportunity to make us laugh and today was no exception. As soon as the Camera came out she turned into a the comedian.I hope you all enjoy LOL.

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Hahah oh my you guys do have a lot of fun!

This was entertaining lol. Happy birthday to him

Happy birthday to him my dear and thanks for sharing your moments with us 🎉🎉🎂♥️

howdy hezziebees! haha! you guys know how to have fun, that looks like a winner there! Kinda like those big balls that people get into and run into each other but with the rings you don't have as much padding. That's great exercise too though, what do you do in the winter time with all the snow? I mean for outdoor fun, or is there any in the winter?


We have a large field that we use to pull a sled with an atv. Its a good time. We also use the backhoe to clean the snow and move it into a large pile. Its a jump for the sleds.


haha! howdy there hezziebees! oh my gosh you guys know how to have fun year round! I figured you just played indoor games in the winter but noooo! lol. that would be boring!
that's gonna be alot of fun those videos!

That looks a lot of fun @hezziebees

I want a set. Thanks for the laughs.



Im glad you enjoyed our sense of humor. :)