Why Selfish Steemians Never Prosper | DTube Exclusive Video 25

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In this video I break down why selfish Steemians don't usually last on the platform.

Hello Steem blockchain. My name is Brett aka Fruit Daddy. I'm an animal rights activist and a cryptocurrency entrepreneur based in the USA. If my content inspired you, please reach out to me.

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There is no such thing as selflessness, and selfishness is a virtue. Most of the evil done in the world is done by people pretending to be acting on the behalf of others.


There are people in this world that do help others. I don't think Mother Theresa was an evil person. lol


They help others to satisfy their own desire to help. It is selfish. It may not be self-centered, but it is better to be aware of these things than to pretend some sort of moral superiority.

Awesome video! This would be good info for a training series.

Great video, lots of good advice for newcomers and the experienced steemian.


Your support isn't unnoticed. Keep working hard, Gavin.

Okay, being selfless, I'm with you. The problem here is, that being selfless doesn't work. The whales came here for the money, they got the money, otherwise they wouldn't be a whale, so that is a win for them. And second, thanks to the whales, new people get attracted to the platform, when they see all these Dtubers with a lot of money. So I don't see how selfless is going to help. But I give you this, yes, in the long term, whales, bots and spammers will eventually kill the platform if they keep existing. They make the site unattractive eventually.


One of the great dynamics of Steem is that holders of a lot of Steem Power are rewarded for guiding the blockchain succesfully into the future. It's not in a whales best interest to be selfish because that will reduce the value of the platform thus shrinking their investment instead of growing.


Yes yes, exactly. Whales make the site unattractive for that exact reason. But that will only take effect in time, but for the moment, they attract new users. But I'm not encouraging whales . If they make the site dirty, the money value drops, everybody loses. Not encouraging whales.

hello! don't know you, but i was drawn as soon as i read animal rights activist and crypto currency entrepreneur!

what kind of activism are you into?



I do all types of activism, and that is my main directive on Steemit; animal rights activism. I make videos, do social media, go to protest, etc. Yesterday I went to Seattle's first every 20 person cube with Anonymous for the Voiceless.

I totally agree with you @fruitdaddy. This is next BIG THING! We all need to build it up together.

Great advice♡you gotta give in order to receive!

Great video and message dude ! I see the same ration on steem and we have to defend that image we created here.

Here is sooo much enthusiasm on steem that the selfishness of isolated ones is pretty good defeated. Go on your good work dude !

Totally agree.......
Steemit is an interactive platform. Simply uploading won't work here, even if it is good content. On steemit people see what you are doing - it's transparent and people keep a track record in mind.
If you donate to somebody here and not tell a soul - At least one person on the blockchain would know it and he would follow you for the rest of his steemit life.
Yes, A man can make much more here by giving then by hoarding. Thanks for sharing this man!

For sure, the secret to living is giving, not only on Steemit but in life.


@vanzweelism besides B12, that is precisely the reason why I eat pussy.

Well said @fruitdaddy! This really is about building the network! I run a print business when I'm not filming and editing my vlog and I plan on creating a STEEMIT/DTUBE/DLIVE Promotional package. Please, check out my site and stay tuned for DTubeDaily Marketing resources!

Succeeding on Steemit takes patience, persistence, peace, selflessness, and constant quality caliber posts that helps either the platform, the Earth, humanity, or any combination of the three. Thank you for spreading some truth with your wisdom. Steemit could be renamed Synergism, letting things comes full circle makes a golden ring.

Blessings brother, I am glad you are here with us.

Good points buddy ;) Keep on steemin :)


I'll be honest with you, I think they usually do. As painful as it sounds, the exploitative losers who don't give back seem to be the ones taking all the money


I don't see it that way. Most of the earners are providing equal value, and the leaches realize they can leach more successfully other places.

I would love to watch the video but Dtube and Dlive are not working for me...


That is still happening to people ?! Yeez, I only got it when I started on Dtube, but now I only get it with old videos, from a month or more. Weird.


sometimes the first few minutes after uploading, it would load well, but normally loads alright most of the time.


Yes, it does still happen. And occasionally Steemit acts up too!


Everybody got different loading problems, but I hope they fix it soon. They probably will.

Such an interesting post once again.I like your talking style.Thank you sir.

You at totally right. Spread the love and share
with others. Together we can do great things in the community.

Great video, I agree with you. Lets build this community!

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