My Curation For @OneLoveDTube - February / 5th / 2019

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I have taken on curating for the @OneLoveDTube community and I am very happy with my role. I have chosen content based on YOUR CRITERIA to support with the #OneLoveDTube community trail.

1)@Steemersayu907 :

Video Title = SPREAD Happiness - Make A Good Move :) 😊

Video Link =!/v/steemersayu907/4hl8jx9w

Video Image = Screenshot_2019-02-05-23-19-42-178.jpeg

Description of the Video = A short story explained by @steemersayu907 based on happiness

Why I love this Video = Really amazed with the concept of the story, inspirational and motivational words included in the story, explaining Good thoughts in a story form.

2) :

Video Title = [Whack Gaming] Detective Spacely traveling outside of the map! Fallout 4 [DTube]

Video Link =!/v/

Video Image = Screenshot_2019-02-05-23-24-57-396.jpeg

Description of this Video = A 58 minute Gameplay video of Fall out 4

Why I love this Video = First of all original content, and a perfect gameplay played in a professional way . Really, he played in a very professional way😊

3)@mayb :

Video Title = DTube EXCLUSIVE –BAREFOOT THROUGH THE SNOW – Fresh Energy against your winter fatigue

Video Link =!/v/mayb/drw93irt

Video Image =


Description of this Video = A Dtube exclusive based video, only Available on Dtube. She's seems to share her daily routine with this video

Why I love this Video = Sharing her positive energy through this video , trying to spread good thoughts and a Positive vibes through this video. And also sharing a bit of Healthy Tips

4)@kenanqhd :

Video Title = Socially Awkward Weirdo Goes to Taiwan

Video Link =!/v/kenanqhd/l7vxvn1n

Video Image =


Description of this Video = A travel blog based on the place called Taiwan

Why I Love this Video = Sharing his Travel vlog in a Good quality, Showing his positive energy in the Vlog , basically a perfect travel blog

5)@tibfox :

Video Title = My first crash with the Mavic 2 pro

Video Link =!/v/tibfox/vpngb1jm

Video Image =


Description of this Video = Sharing his moment with Magic 2 pro basically it's a Drone name

Why I love this Video = It can be a learning video for all so that they can avoid these kind of mistakes while flying drone

And lastly I want to say a sorry of I had done anykind of mistakes and also I want to say a big thanks to @onelovedtube for trusting on me and giving me this huge responsibility, and also thanks for believing in me😊

That all :)

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Showing her positive energy in the Vlog

Youre not my friend anymore.


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Sorry buddy, just corrected it.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry . I think it had been autocorrected. Sorry buddy 😞

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You will need to send me pav bhaji as compensation.

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Hehehe Thank you buddy 😊😊. Yeah my mom made it in the breakfast and I'm eating that only lol😀😀

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I would imagine that was a typo 😅

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Yup, sorry I don't know how I did this silly mistake

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All good buddy, I have done far worse... 😅

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Good job buddy 💪 glad to see so many familiar faces!

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Thank you buddy 😊😊

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Thanks for the honor. Even though your description makes it seem as though you didn't really watch it. :P
;D ONELOVE! Thanks a lot! <3

Yeah , right :) But watched half of the video 😊 and it seems to be a quality and valuable content for me :). Sorry if I written something wrong in description, but I don't think so🤔?

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