My Curation For @OneLoveDTube - February / 16th / 2019

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I have taken on curating for the @OneLoveDTube community and I am very happy with my role. I have chosen content based on YOUR CRITERIA to support with the #OneLoveDTube community trail.

1)@elsiekjay , (upvoted with 27%) :

Video Title = Automatically Posts Your STEEM Posts on Your Whaleshares Blog|No More Copy Pasting!

Video Link =!/v/elsiekjay/nxpr1pan

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-16-23-18-10-874.jpeg

Description of the video = Automatically Posts Your STEEM Posts on Your Whaleshares Blog|No More Copy Pasting!

Why I love this Video = Educational video for the Steem and whalesshares users

2)@vincy , (upvoted with 27%) :

Video Title = The Zombie Apocalypse Adventure - A once in a lifetime experience🧟‍♀️


Video Link =!/v/vincy/gi0ufryl

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-16-23-23-22-037.jpeg

Description of this Video = Hey Dtube!

I’ve been through so much this week and I’m finally back from the dead ;)

As promised for those on twitter I said I would put up my zombie apocalypse adventure hehehee! Especially to iamjadeline

Why I love this Video = The Greatest Adventurous video for the day😊, you too will have fun while watching it 😊, recommended to watch it :)

3)@steemflow, (upvoted with 13%) :

Video Title = Eager to Remain Active on Steem ..🤔

Video Link =!/v/steemflow/a6651km5

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-16-23-31-51-401.jpeg

Description of this video = Steem users always complain about not being able to active on Steem due to various reason. But when there is a will there is way

Why I Love this Video = Explaining about one of the best dapp on Steem Blockchain 😊

4) , (upvoted with 27%) :

Video Title =It's Saturday! Motivate your post: drop a link for resteems, tweets maybe upvotes

Video Link =!/v/

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-16-23-38-36-175.jpeg

Description of the video = Hi guys! I hope your weekend is off to a smashing start!

If you have an underperforming post, drop the link in the comments and I'll take a look. If I like it I'll resteem and tweet it. If I love it you'll get an upvote too.

Why I love this Video = Helping and supporting Steemers and dtubers through this video 😊

05)@ raynen , (upvoted with 17%) :

Video Title = Monkee Business // Day 15: Let's Dance

Video Link =!/v/raynen/jcnr8zhg

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-16-23-48-29-280.jpeg

Description of the video = Monkee Business // Day 15: Let's Dance

Why I love this video = This kid is really doing very Great work😊, appreciated it buddy 😊, Just keep on going 😊

06)@jacquisjournal , (Upvoted with 77%) :

Video Title =


Video Link =!/v/jacquisjournal/nyw0foby

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-17-00-01-07-476.jpeg

Description of the video = I've now been vlogging on this platform for 9 months so thought I'd share my highs and lows. How's your journey been so far!

Why I love this video = One of the Greatest journey so far😊, Congratulations mam for such a huge achievement :)

07)@chireerocks (upvoted with 17%)

Video Title = Bitcoin story which melt my heart - (Don't know it's true or untrue)

Video Link =!/v/chireerocks/yr9kpa6b

Video Image =Screenshot_2019-02-17-00-22-10-734.jpeg

Description of the video =Everything is associated with particular story or we can say that when something new era born then it will going to create and establish it's own story. And no matter how many Speculations surrounds Bitcoin, but Sometimes we hear or come to know about some stories which can move us and which can bring that Emotional essence into the picture.

Months back i was searching for some Crypto related vidoes on YouTube and while watching videos I've clicked on the video which sounds as story related to how Bitcoin affected someone's life. There is a family (Father, Mother and Son) who bought a house on Loan, these were initial days of Crypto and Son bought Bitcoin worth of dollars in two digit numbers, there life was becoming stressful and burdened due to this Loan Repayment and their financial position was not good too because parents were getting old and Son didn't had any stable job to effectively manage everything. In my opinion Sometimes we invest something and forget about it, but who knows it can prove as biggest treasure of all time. In this case, this family suffered a lot but last year's Bull Run brought new light in their lives. Son brought a surprise Envelope and gave to his Father and when his Father opened that Envelope and read that, he cried like a little baby because in that moment he felt freedom from the weight of the burden. Actually those few dollars Bitcoin helped them to completely free from this Dept Trap and they all cried in happiness then his parents reflected Proudness with their expressions for sure.

Don't know if this story is actually true but when i watched it, it gave me Heart melting effect for sure.

Why I love this video = Love this story and his story telling way😊

And lastly I want to say a sorry of I had done anykind of mistakes and also I want to say a big thanks to @onelovedtube for trusting on me and giving me this huge responsibility, and also thanks for believing in me😊

That all :)

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Thanks for including my video! Have a great day/evening my friend :)

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Your always welcome buddy 😊😊, Thanks a lot for stopping by :)

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Thanks a lot for watching and curating!!! ❤️

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Your welcome mam😊😊

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@freecrypto, Keep up the good work and enjoy whatever efforts you are putting. Have a blessed time ahead.


Thanks a lot buddy for the compliment :)

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Welcome and have a great time ahead.

Fabulous curation @freecrypto :)
From whales to zombies to more :D
Gotta find the time to check them out