Hey, you have a video which you think won't get many clicks because it's educational or niche, I'll host it for free free!

in onelovedtube •  9 months ago

Hey, since I have my own node which is atm mostly for my backlog and educational content, I'd like you guys to give you access to my IPFS node, since the server is way too powerful and has way too much bandwidth for myself alone, I think some of you have surely videos or ideas for vids which you want to host "indefinitely". Just contact me.

I'll make it possible till my storage is at its end. If enough of you guys would use my service I would, of course, upgrade the server to keep your and my videos online!

That's about it, I know that since everywhere in the media industry worldwide educational & niche content has a disadvantage and if Ihave free space witch I can share with you without much effort, then I think why not.

Your video will not dissappear till you say you don't want to have the video online anymore, instead of being afraid of the offiial DTube-node rules where the videos get cleared if they don't met very specific rules according to views, money and upvvotes.


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