To Ads or Not to Ads + Car Time Lapse Stormy Windy Day! [DTube Exclusive]

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Hey guys, what's your take on ads? Ads or no ads? I think in order to extend the pay period past 7 days, ads would be effective. Ads + SMT's would make a great addition to the platform. Not everyone agrees and I respect that. Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

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@rijal11 upvonte you @dnews and commented on your blog.because I always support your post.please respect my decision.for our cooperation in advancing the steemit project.thanks


Hey I appreciate that :)

Vince, I'm glad you posted this since it is such a critically important topic. I personally detest advertising which interrupts something that I am doing as well. Since that is mostly how advertising has evolved to work, with some very notable exceptions, that is what people do.

The existing model is badly broken. It does not have to be that way. If you think about it as a market with multiple participants, the interruption is just collateral damage, and it's wasteful. Most people get what they want from the relationship, but it is frustrating for everyone involved. Most good advertisers would prefer to have relationships with people who like their product and will pay for it and tell other people about it. Many people who view a content creators stuff have a relationship of sorts where they actively want to support the creator.

I view the YouTube ad controversy as a symptom of a system failure. They failed to correctly match content creators and advertisers, which is arguably their primary role as an aggregator, besides using their cut to pay for the system. This should be, and could be, a marketplace where people who want something can buy that thing, and people with something to sell to the market can do that too. My question is, how do we leverage the blockchain to most effectively connect the sellers (viewers selling attention and loyalty) with the buyers (brands and such looking to build relationships)?

One thing is for sure, it has to be mutually beneficial and agreed upon, or you get the YouTube fiasco. Are there other gotchas? Is anybody working on this, with that kind of a goal?


I omitted a key point in my haste. Creators are sellers also, selling in two directions - to the viewer and the sponsor.