DTube Travel: Stuck in Vancouver + Plans For This Channel

in onelovedtube •  5 months ago

Hey DTube! It's Your Blockchain Wolf Cartel

Today I talk channel plans, getting stuck in Vancouver, and what it means to carry the name CARTEL.
Stay tuned for more action vlogs, I'm trying to deliver perfection here.

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Aye man worse places to be stuck then Van, least there are several hotels extremely close by.

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I just wish I could go hiking the mountains are beautiful. ⛰ ❄️ ☀️

Well, imagine that you had not lost your flight, you would not have had time to plan everything you plan to do.
Sometimes it's good to miss flights hahahaha.


I guess so... the anticipation is killing me. For reference this trip will be over 60 hours in duration, my longest trip to date.